The Sweet Service Award goes to Jenny Hobbs and Sheenagh Tyler, the organisers of the Franschhoek Literary Festival, which took place in Franschhoek last weekend.  Not only was it extremely well organised, with more than 30 talks and discussions, but it also attracted other cultural events to Franschhoek over the weekend, being the opening of an excellent winter art exhibition (with works by Gordon Vorster, Dylan Lewis and Cecil Skotness) at Ebony, as well as outstanding music performances by Christopher Duigan in the NG Church.   The weather was perfectly organised too!   In addition, it ‘booked-ed” out many accommodation establishments and restaurants over the weekend, a much needed occupancy given the otherwise poor winter lying ahead for Franschhoek in terms of bookings.

The Sour Service Award goes to Le Quartier Francais and its owner Susan Huxter.   Ilse Schermers, curator of the new IS (Ilse Schermers) art gallery, that opened at Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek last week, had to call this writer to cancel (without explanation) an invitation she had been sent to attend the opening, on the instruction of Mrs Huxter, even though the writer has been a client of the Grand Provence gallery, where Ms Schermers was the curator until recently, for years. 

POSTSCRIPT 24/10:   We received a second invitation, to the opening of a new exhibition at the Le Quartier Francais art gallery on 30 October, with a subsequent withdrawal of the invitation, earlier this week:I am new at is art and was unaware of the situation between Le Quartier Francais and yourself.  I therefore have to retract the invitation that was mistakenly sent to you.  My sincere apologies.  Alisha Erasmus, Gallery Assistant.”

POSTSCRIPT 25/10: We received another follow-up e-mail today, as if the first had not been clear: “Unfortunately having discussed with Susan  (Huxter) you are not allowed on to the property of le quartier which Is Art is a part of so unfortunately you will not be able to attend!  Regards, Alisha Erasmus, Gallery Assistant”

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