The Sweet Service Award goes to ABSA Gardens Centre Branch, and its Sales Consultant, for her excellent service when I enquired about renewing my investment after its term ran out. She tried to negotiate the best possible interest rate with her Treasury Department, but the bank could not match the rate I was offered by the other major banks, and especially by Standard Bank. She assisted me in transferring my investment across to Standard Bank efficiently, in a most professional manner, expressing regret that the closure of my ABSA accounts could not have been prevented. I was previously with ABSA Sea Point, and felt very unloved by that branch, which showed no interest in retaining my investment with the bank. 

The Sour Service Award goes to Mango, and its rude ‘Guest Services’ (a misnomer) desk staff at Cape Town International. I had asked the person checking in my luggage for a window seat on my return, as these had all been booked for my flight to Durban. He directed me to ‘Guest Services’. I was told rudely that I had to book this myself 24 hours before my return flight! Three staff members sat at the desk, with nothing to do! 

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