The Sweet Service Award goes to Apricale, un’idea, the stationery shop and tobacconists on the Village Square in Apricale, and its kind owner Fabio. My Alice band broke whilst I was writing my book in Apricale, wearing it to hold back my fringe whilst writing. Yesterday I went to the shop, taking a chance on finding a replacement there, but they were very wide, and costly, at €18. I asked Fabio if he had ribbon, thinking of using this as a means of tying back my hair. To make it easier to understand, I mentioned gift and paper, and then Fabio got it! The first colour ribbon roll he took out from under the desk was my absolute favourite blue lilac! Even nicer was that he did not want me to pay for the piece he cut off for me! Grazie! 

The Sour Service Award goes to Poetry Head Office, for their pathetic response to my complaint about the poor service I received in their V&A Waterfront branch. After awarding the Sour Service Award to Poetry a week ago, I was requested via Twitter to send Poetry my email address, which I did. They then sent me an email, asking for details of my complaint. I asked them to read my Sour Service Award on the Blog! Now I have been asked to rate their service excellence, or lack of, without any meaningful communication with their Customer Service department! 

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