The Sweet Service Award goes to Auto & General, and its Claims Consultant Heidi, who dealt with my claim in a most friendly and efficient manner, Heidi telling me that they don’t believe in paperwork. The details were taken down in less than half an hour, hence the service exceeding the defined time period. I had spoken to a colleague, but the call cut off, and because I could not understand that consultant well, I was delighted that Heidi was the next person who answered the phone. Heidi even called me back, so that I did not have to pay for the call! One definitely gets the feeling that Auto & General runs its business in a customer-driven manner. What a refreshing delight, given the poor call centre service one is generally subjected to!

The Sour Service Award goes to Poetry in the V&A Waterfront for the very poor service from the Store Leader Shireen, and the assistant Anda. I had received an email alert about their leather jackets, which were on sale, and asked the assistant where the sale jackets are. She showed me a section near the till. However these were not sale items. A colleague then directed me to two other rails, on which the leather jackets were locked to the rail. The assistant was very untogether, having to find the key to unlock the jackets. They did not have my size, so she had to arrange to get one from Tyger Valley. She had to call the branch, to make sure that they had one in stock. I then bought a pair of shoes on the sale, and I was told that I had entered the incorrect pin, which was pretty unlikely, and two SMS messages from the bank confirmed that the payment was taken twice! The Manager apologized under duress, taking half an hour to contact someone at Head Office. She did refund the double payment to my cheque card, but it is not visible on my bank statement. It was the worst retail experience I have had in the Waterfront in a long time. It felt that the staff and Manager had no interest in their customers, and it is no surprise that Trenery next door is far busier! (The jacket did arrive from Tyger Valley, and I am very impressed with the quality of the jacket!). 

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