Camps Bay Roadworks: some relief offered after five months!

imageThe never-ending roadworks in Camps Bay, which were meant to have been completed five months after its commencement in April, and appears to be extended by at least one month, have one ray of light!

In an email from the City of Cape Town’s Head: Pavement Maintenance andRehabilitation Ian Bowker the announcement has been made that Camps Bay Drive has been opened from the City side up to Fiskaal Road, with access now offered into Woodside and Ingelside Roads off Camps Bay Drive.  From 16h00 until 9hoo Camps Bay Drive will be a two way road, while during the remaining daytime hours the road continues on a one-lane Stop/Go system. The mail from the City of Cape Town to Camps Bay Watch, and passed on to residents, gives no update on the final completion date of the road renovation project.

Camps Bay looks like a war zone, with the roadworks as well as pavements being dug up in the suburb to replace copper cables with fibre optic ones, to offer a faster fibre optic internet service, to the dissatisfaction of local residents, and irritation of tourists visiting the prime suburb!

Source: Camps Bay Watch

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