Cape Stay Sweet and Woolworths Waterfront Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to Cape Stay, an accommodation website, for the responsiveness to the members of the Camps Bay Accommodation Association querying the website’s decision to split its Camps Bay advertisers into ‘Camps Bay North’ and ‘Camps Bay South’, without having consulted the current advertisers.   The website owners have decided to recreate one “Camps Bay” accommodation category again, after receiving the feedback.

The Sour Service Award goes to the V & A Waterfront branch of Woolworths.   A customer called to check if the store had multi-packs of muffins in stock, and asked for the Food department of the store specifically.   The request was put to the Woolworths staff member answering the phone , who said that she would check.   She came back to the phone, saying that they do not stock mutton, only lamb!   A senior Manager was able to confirm that they did indeed have muffins in stock.    When the customer went to collect and pay for them, together with some cutlery, in the Homeware department, she had to wait for an unusually long period, and was frustrated about seeing 5 Woolworths staff members in close proximity chatting to each other, while the customers had to queue to pay.  A supervisor refused to take the payment, saying that she did not have the authority to do so.   The help of a manager was requested, and he too was unable to speed things up at all, just saying “But Madam” repeatedly, and did not offer a solution at all.   The cashier was unresponsive to any questions put to her by the customer.

The Sweet & Sour Service Awards are presented on the WhaleTales blog every Friday.    Nominations for Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be sent to Chris von Ulmenstein at