Cape Town and SA star of German ‘Der Geilste Tag’ movie!

Geilste Tag top of mountainSA Tourism cannot wish for better marketing than having a movie made which predominantly features beautiful spots in our country, and not have to pay for its production! German movie ‘Der Geilste Tag‘ features award-winning actors, and launches in German cinemas in February.

Using the English title ‘Most Beautiful Day’, the film stars Matthias Schweighöfer, Alexandra Maria Lara, and Florian David Fitz, all three having won top German acting awards in Germany. Fitz is also the screenwriter and director of the movie.

From the Facebook page of the comedy/drama movie, I was able to roughly put together the storyline of the movie. Fitz and Schweighöfer meet at a hospice in Munich, the death sentence hanging over both their heads. They become friends. One of them suggests to the other that they raise a loan of a lot of money from the bank, given that they won’t be around to pay it back. They buy a sports car and race around Munich. They head to the airport, close their Geilste Tag Beacheyes, and pick a destination that way, being Mombasa, enjoying cocktails on the beach (no doubt filmed at one of our beaches!). They then rent a campervan and drive down to South Africa.

In South Africa they visit a game park, seeing elephants, zebra, impalas, a rhino, wildebeest, and a warthog. They drive through a desert area, and maybe even the Karoo. They spend quality time in the Cape, on top Geilste Tag Penguinsof Table Mountain, with beautiful view shots, and visit the penguins at Boulders Beach. A wedding takes place at a Cape Dutch wine estate. The movie was shot over 45 days in June and July.

The movie trailers and shoot videos do not reveal how the story ends, as that would give away too much. The movie not only reflects the beauty of their journey, but also the journey within themselves. They have no fear left, and do things they would not normally do had they not been terminally ill. Despite the theme of the movie, it sounds very funny.

A pool shot showed that the actors stayed at a Boutique Hotel in Camps Bay. Matthias Schweighöfer posted on Facebook that the temperature of the water in the pool (during winter) was 12ºC, which received more than 30000 likes, 55 shares, and  368 comments, demonstrating the power of the actors’ Social Media output and therefore the movie’s appeal, given that they star in it.  A video posted of their departure from Munich achieved close to 187000 views.

‘Der Geilste Tag’ is win-win for marketing Cape Town and South Africa to the German market! It is supported by a promotion run by SA Tourism, offering a trip to our country as a prize.

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