The Sweet Service Award goes to Cape Town City Ballet, for its magnificent and moving performance of ‘Mozart & Salieri’ at the Artscape Opera House. The costume and set design were superb, and the music of mostly Mozart moved me to tears. It was in very sharp contrast to the disappointing performance of ‘The Cotton Club’ by the same dance company. 



The Sour Service Award goes to Artscape, for its disappointing performance of ‘The Cabaret Club’ by the Cape Town City Ballet, with a crass screechingly loud live band that created the music that the ballet dancers performed to. There was no set design whatsoever, and the stage of the Artscape Theatre felt bare, even when all dancers were on the stage. I asked to see the production director, and Robin Poole came to chat to me almost immediately. I asked him whether the music volume could be toned down, but he replied that I should move further back, but I did not want to, as I take great care to book seats in the middle of the front row. He kindly refunded my ticket money, despite my protest, as I did want to see the second half too. While chatting to some patrons, a plainclothes man presenting himself as Security, demanded that I hand over my phone, so that he could remove the photographs that I had taken at the start of the performance. I refused and when he got heavy and threatening, I decided that the Universe had spoken, and that I should leave.  The bullying left an extra bad taste, in addition to a very poor performance, nothing of the standard of those created by Sean Bovim’s dance company in the past.

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