Cape Town Festival of Beer Sweet and Mercedes Benz Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award  goes to the inaugural Cape Town Festival of Beer, which started yesterday and runs at Hamilton’s Rugby Club in Green Point until Saturday, and to Shafeeka Anthony of Rabbit in a Hat Communications, the PR agency that organised the media invitations, in particular.  She is one of the most organised persons in this position I have ever dealt with, sending follow-up notes every day without being pushy, and generously made vouchers for food and beer available for the opening day.  Twenty breweries and 40 beer brands are exhibiting, and many are micro-breweries (there are 21 micro-breweries in South Africa).  I was particularly interested in the Darling Brew stand, because it had a large background banner saying SLOWBEER – it is brewed for 4 weeks instead of 2 days, which is the norm for commercial beers.

The Sour Service Service Award goes to Mercedes Benz Financial Services, for their attempt to deceive their customers, by having sent out the following sms earlier this week: Your good standing with MBFS qualifies you for a skip payment.  Call 0861daimler & quote ref Festive 2010 at least 10 days before your payment due date. T & C apply”.  When one calls, they ask for which month one wishes to skip the payment.  Then the crunch question : how would one like to repay the ‘skipping’ – by having one month of repayment added on, or repayment by spreading it over the rest of the repayment term! Earlier this year Mercedes Benz was very generous in allowing one month payment free, communicated in the same way by sms.  It sounded like another generous offer from the company, but it wasn’t, and it felt as if one was being misled and taken for a ride.

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  1. Ex-Merc driver says:

    Yep, you were right, Mercedes are a dishonest bunch. Particularly the Century City dealership. If you like to be poorly treated, robbed and cheated, then by all means invest in a Mercedes Benz and have it serviced at their “lifestyle” centre. Best of luck.

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