CapeWine 2015 Sweet Service and Vida e Caffè Sour Service Awards!

Cape Wine Logo (LR)The Sweet Service Award goes to Wines of South Africa (WOSA) and the wine industry, for its excellent hosting of CapeWine 2015 this week. I spoke to a number of international visitors, and they were astounded at the good organisation, and that all but four members of the wine industry attended and put their wines on show. Not only did the wine ambassadors man their stands for about eight hours per day over the last three days, but they also attended and/or hosted events in the afternoons and evenings during this week, as well as the past weekend, requiring an amazing amount of stamina from exhibitors as well as visitors to the Expo. Some exhibitors were irritated to be a captive audience for supplier sale persons, while we felt that no proactive media information was sent to writers. All in all, it was an excellent showcase for a very important industry of our province.

imageThe Sour Service Award goes to Vida e Caffè, and its non-response to a complaint posted on Twitter and then sent by email when requested by the coffee company. The order/payment taker at the Cape Quarter branch sold me a large take-away cappuccino, which had the R23,50 price linked to cup size at the till, and the price was on the cash register too. I was asked to pay R25! When I took down the name of the staff member, the manager, who had stood next to the order taker, started apologizing profusely, trying his best to not reveal the colleague’s name. It is a continued irritation to go to the coffee chain, and I try my best to not support it. Unfortunately there is no other coffee shop in the Cape Quarter!

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