Catharina’s Sweet and Vodacom Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award  goes to Catharina’s restaurant at Steenberg Hotel, and is nominated by Jhandrè Bredenkamp, who writes:  “We had a lovely lunch at Catharina’s last week. Food excellent and service attentive. Where they went a bit further was on the wine front. I ordered a bottle of Magna Carta 09. We all know it is a special wine and when it was poured for me to taste, it was a bit dull but not obviously faulty. Not wanting to be difficult, I said that perhaps the wine needed some time to aerate a bit in order to bring through its true character. The waiter proceeded to fill everyone’s glasses at the table (7 of us). A few minutes later I became convinced that the wine was corked and summoned the waiter and informed him of my assessment. By this time most of the bottle has been consumed by my unsuspecting fellow diners!!! Very convenient of me to complain about one of the most expensive bottles of wine on the wine list just as its nearly all gone!! Management came over and after politely enquiring whether it was not perhaps the overt peppery character (??) of the wine that confused me, replaced the bottle, no problem. My suspicion that the bottle was corked was gloriously confirmed by the second bottle. (thank goodness). What a wine. It would have been sad if my first encounter of the famed Magna Carta had been a corked one. Thanks Catharina’s.” 

The Sour Service Award  goes to Vodacom, which left thousands of subscribers without a network connection for about four hours two weeks ago, co-inciding with the last day of RICA’ing cellphones.  It took Vodacom 24 hours to send an SMS apology, and three days to apologise in a full page ad in the Sunday Times.  The company originally blamed sabotage for the network breakdown, but has not confirmed this.

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2 replies on “Catharina’s Sweet and Vodacom Sour Service Awards”

  1. I had the same problem, never gotten an apology SMS and when I called to enquire was just asked whether I had tried my card on a different phone.

  2. I saw a Tweet that said that Vodacom only received 10 complaints about the incident Annika. Hard to believe!


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