Chrysler Jeep Dodge Sweet and Department of Home Affairs Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Theuns, Service Manager at Chrysler Jeep Dodge in Century City in Cape Town, the only person in the organisation who appears to understand the word “service”, and who saved his company from a Sour Service Award.    Annemarie, who books the services, is a very defensive and rude person.    Her colleague, Claudine, who is called the Service Advisor, is quick to interrupt the customer, without allowing the customer to finish a sentence, and does not call her customers about their cars’ service.   A car was left at the service company overnight after a routine service, without explanation or call.    The customer was told when the driver would deliver the vehicle.   Once the customer called the Service Manager to complain about the rudeness from the two ladies, he said the magic words: “when would it suit you to have the car delivered?”!    It is a shame for customers that Chrysler Jeep Dodge is a monopoly in Cape Town, as it is the only dealership and service station for these makes of vehicles.

The Sour Service Award goes to the Department of Home Affairs’ branch in Paarl, for its inefficiency.    A 93-year old South African resident wants to renew his German passport, but has to meet a new requirement from the German Consulate, i.e. he has to submit a written statement from the Department of Home Affairs, to prove to the German authorities that he has never applied for South African citizenship.   He applied for this statement in person at the Paarl offices of the Department of Home Affairs, and was told that it was sent by registered mail from Pretoria to Paarl three months ago.  When he phones the Pretoria offices of the Department, they confirm that the statement has been sent to the Paarl offices.  When he contacts the Paarl office of the Department, they say it has not yet arrived.   No amount of intervention at the highest levels possible has created any success for this elderly gentleman, who would like to make a visit to his country of birth.

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