Ciro Sweet and Independent Newspapers Sour Service Award

                                                  The Sweet Service Award goes to Toni from the Cape Town offices of Ciro Beverage Solutions, who helped Whale Cottage get around Ciro’s Accounts department blocking deliveries of milk, biscuits and coffee sachets, due to non-receipt of three cheques sent to the company in November, December and January.  She kept the customer informed every step of the way.   Miraculously and coincidentally, all three cheques, posted to the company’s Rivonia head office post box at month-end over the past three months, arrived on the same day that Toni had helped unblock the delivery denial.  The accounts department had previously arrogantly denied delivery, and took no trouble to establish why the three cheques had not arrived, given that Whale Cottage has dealt with Ciro for the past ten years.

The Sour Service Award goes to Independent Newspapers.    For the past few years, Whale Cottage has subscribed to the Cape Times and Cape Argus, and delivery is made to its guest houses, as a service to its guests.   A new delivery address in Fresnaye was added recently, and has had a non-delivery at least once a week.  Over the last week three papers were not delivered.    An e-mail was sent to Carmen Thomas, the Subscriptions Supervisor, who was subsequently told by the Area Manager Anderson that all papers had been delivered into the post box, when they had not.   Ms Thomas regularly blames a new distribution system for the non-delivery.   The customer called the MD of Independent Newspapers, who listened to the problem sympathetically, and must have called for action internally, one of the instructions being that Ms Thomas had to meet the customer and apologise personally.   A time was agreed, but Ms Thomas did not arrive, calling a few minutes before the scheduled time of the meeting to check where the meeting would be held.   It had been clear that it was in Fresnaye, as this is the address at which the delivery problems had occurred.   Ms Thomas then had a calendar and a gift of apology delivered, the gift however not being to the taste of the customer at all.  The customer only wants efficient delivery, and not any gifts.

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