3 replies on “City of Cape Town defends criticism of its new ‘Opportunity City’ logo!”

  1. Sarel Joubert says:

    I suppose this is the kind of bullcrap you get when you put stupid people in charge. It looks like a 4 year old drew that with his spyro gyro set.The pay off line should read – “DA, as incompetent at managing money as the ANC, just not as skelm”. Good god I hate politicians.

    • Chris von Ulmenstein says:

      The head of KIng James should be on a block Sarel – this looks like a digital self-generated logo ‘created’ by a City of Cape Town official with too much time on his/her hands.

  2. Marco De Sousa says:

    Now Boarding follows up with actions instead of words with a new take on the City of Cape Town logo. Read more:http://bit.ly/Pd7I8T

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