City of Cape Town launches Cape Town Design Route

Cape Town is bidding to become the Design Capital 2014,  and already has earned a reputation for its design strengths, being the home of the highly successful annual Design Indaba, and hosting the annual advertising industry Loerie Awards event for the second year running. 

Cape Town also is known for its artisic and design talent, and therefore the City of Cape Town has created a Cape Town Design Route.  It is a wonderful asset for the city, and we question why it has not been introduced to tourism players, why it has not been packaged in the form of maps which can be handed out to visitors to the city, and why it is not being marketed by the City of Cape Town’s marketing agency Cape Town Tourism!   It is a shame too that the Design Route feature in the Hello Festive Season 2010/2011 publication contains so many errors! 

The Cape Town Design Route includes the following: 

Monkey Biz:   probably the best known of all artists and crafts, this bead project has 450 women employed as bead artists. 65 Rose Street, Bo-Kaap. Tel (021) 426-0145

Bokkie Shoes:   make shoes from 100 % cotton shew-shew print. Sold at Loud on Long, 43 Long Street.

Amulet:   Gerika Langenhoven and Elizabeth van der Merwe make hand-crafted jewellery.  14 Kloofnek Road, Tamboerskloof.  Tel (021) 426-1149

Carrol Boyes:   Also very well-known, make up-market homeware and table top items in pewter and silver.  Outlet in V&A Waterfront.  Tel (021) 424-8263

Continent Africa:   A think tank focused on learning about politics, economics and charity, T-shirt sales funding the work.  No contact details.

Cupcake Country:  Provide sewing kits to make bright crafted cupcakes.  10A Jagersfontein Lane, Oranjezicht.

freeRange Jewels:   Marele Lamprecht and her team translate objects from nature into jewellery. Cape Quarter.  Tel (021) 423-1524

Give it Bag:   Make bags from polypropylene bags, in bold fashion statements. Canterbury Studios, Unit 4, 35 Wesley Street, Gardens.  Tel (021) 465-9852

Lalesso:   a fashion brand inspired by the ‘khanga’ from Kenya.  Tel (021) 424-5565

Streetwires Artist Collective:  Make wire and bead craft-art.  Tel (021) 426-2475

Township Patterns:   Cotton bags and fabric prints made by women from Khayelitsha reflect the day-to-day life in the townships.

Urbanative Fine Jewels:   Jewellery is made and goldsmith hobby classes and workshops offered. Gold of Africa Museum, 96 Strand Street. 

African Allsorts:   handmade bead and wire artwork.   4 Briar Street, Salt River.  Tel (021) 447-6976

Design Africa:   Hand-woven baskets, textiles and adornments made from organic materials, as well as with plastic, leather and glass.

Firepetals:   Hand-crafted jewellery with contemporary South African flair. 59 Roodebloem Street, Woodstock. Tel (021) 447-2025.

Frieda Luhl Jewellery:   Frieda incorporates natural materials in her jewellery design, framed in silver. 30 Roodebloem Road, Woodstock. Tel (021) 447-5757.

Heath Nash:   creates eco-friendly items out of other people’s rubbish.  2 Mountain Road, Woodstock.  Tel (021) 447-5757.

Haldane Martin:   Furniture designer.  12 Aberdeen Street, Woodstock.  Tel (021) 448-0999.

Helen Vaughn Ceramics:   Contemporary ceramics.  10 Oxford Road, Observatory.  Tel (021) 447-3966  

The New Basket Workshop:  Baskets made in rural areas.  42 Hares Road, Woodstock.  tel (021) 448-9761

Mu & Me:   Stationery range based on a group of friends who live on Orange Hill. The Old Biscuit Mill, 373 Albert Road, Woodstock. Tel (021) 447-1413

Imiso Ceramics:   Modern Africa-inspired ceramics.  Old Biscuit Mill, 373 Albert Road, Woodstock.  tel (021) 447-7668

Moonbasket:   Make lampshades and home accessories.  Woodstock Industrial Centre, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock.  

Pedersen + Lennard:   Lighting, storage and other design.  45 Yew Street, Salt River.  Tel (021) 447-2020.

Soulchild:   Highly styled fashion brand.  30 Brabant Road, Woodstock.  Tel (021) 448-8777

Sway:   Ladies’ clothing is made from hand-drawn images silk screened onto fabric.   68 Albert Road, Woodstock.  Tel (021) 447-5999

Trademark Designs:  Picture frames made from hot-dipped galvanised iron.   Unit 13, Ravenscraig Mews, Ravenscraig Road, Woodstock.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: @WhaleCottage

3 replies on “City of Cape Town launches Cape Town Design Route”

  1. K Gardiner says:

    Not sure where you got your information from Chris, but once again you have it completely wrong. The Design Route is NOT a City of Cape Town initiative but a Design Indaba (Ravi Naidoo) and Cape Town Tourism initiative. And it is not a new initiative either. It has been going for two years at least. As a fellow member of Cape Town Tourism you should be a little better informed. You can find the printed design maps in any of their visitor information centres.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Kelly.

    The information about the Design Route was contained in an ad paid for by the City of Cape Town in the 2010/2011 Hello Cape Town publication, which has just been distributed. They also give their website as a reference, so it is their project!

    I am not a tourist, and therefore do not go to the Cape Town Tourism Visitors’ Bureaus. As a member of Cape Town Tourism I do expect them to update us about things to do and see for our guests. They have never informed us about it.

    If your friend Skye Grove, PR Manager of Cape Town Tourism, was doing her job properly, she would have informed us of the maps, and that they are available at Cape Town Tourism branches, after seeing this blog post. Clearly she was too busy pursuing her personal issue with Naashon Zalk to do her job properly.

    I did not claim that it was new, just that it was new to me, and I do make it my business to stay informed.


  3. Chris Garrett says:

    Hi, was very excited to read about the design route initiative,it’s a great idea, however the public squabbling between K Gardiner and Chris von Ulmenstien leaves me with little respect for the members of the Cape Town Tourism Initiative, what professional organisation airs it’s dirty laundry in public, let alone the internet? You DO realise that the majority of people who google Cape town design with come across your petty squabbling. now I’m off to google Naashon Zalk and Skye Grove and find out what their personal issues were!

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