Climate Change leads to Cape Town water restrictions from 1 January 2016!

imageFrom tomorrow water restrictions will apply in Cape Town and Somerset West, to address the lower dam levels due to reduced winter rainfall in the Cape. This reflects climate change as well as the el Nino effect, which is particularly making itself felt currently in affecting the world’s weather.

The water restrictions have two major aspects:

#.  The cost of water will increase by 10 % on 1 January. The City of Cape Town has encouraged its residents to reduce water consumption by 10%, so that one’s water bill will not increase.

#.  One may only water one’s garden for one hour on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, before 9h00 or after 16h00.

Additional rules apply for the water restrictions:

#. One may not water the garden for a period of 24 hours after rainfall.

#.  The first 6kl of water and 4,2kl of sanitation per month remain free as before

#.  The higher one’s water usage, the more onerous the price charged, ie. far in excess of 10%!

#   The day of week and time of day rules apply to owners of boreholes and users of grey water systems too.

#   Owners of boreholes must display a sign visible to the street

#   Usage of automatic water top-up systems for swimming pools is not allowed.

#   Ornamental water fountains and water features may only be operated with recycling the water.

#   Cars may only be washed with hose pipes with automatic self-closing hoses.

#   Residents are encouraged to fit water-efficient parts for taps, shower heads, and other plumbing parts.

#   Pavements may not be hosed down with water from taps.

#   Special restrictions apply to commercial operations and Government departments.

The City of Cape Town has warned that the taste and clarity of water in the central and northern parts of Cape Town may change. Water pressure may also reduce.

One wonders how the City of Cape Town will implement the new tariffs, surely not sending all its water staff to read water meters on 31 December! This has not been addressed by the City of Cape Town in its notification!

The Hospitality industry will have to educate its guests about the conservation of water, given the restrictions, a difficult task given the extreme heat Cape Town is experiencing currently.

Source: City of Cape Town

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  1. Nick Jones says:

    The main reason for the drought is the fact that the world is experiencing the most severe El Nino for nearly 20 years. Even the UK Met Office has at long last admitted that this is also the cause of the recent floods in the UK & the USA & the devastating tornados across the mid-west.

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