Col’Cacchio has a heart for pizza, introduces heart-shaped pizzas!


Col’Cacchio is adding extra love to its pizzas during the Month of Love, in offering them in heart-shape form for the first time, with different toppings available. If one orders any standard Col’Cacchio pizza via Uber Eats today and tomorrow, you receive a Valentine heart-shaped Margarita pizza treat for free.

Col’Cacchio introduced the new heart-shape pizzas at the beginning of this month, and are available at its branches country-wide, in the restaurants as well as ordered, to be delivered and eaten at home. The Italian-style restaurant group strives to stay ahead, and is adding this personal touch of love to its pizzas. 

Col’Cacchio was established 26 years ago, with a vision to build a restaurant that would serve only the most mouth-watering Italian-inspired meals made with love and the finest, freshest ingredients. The restaurants offer artisanal wood-fired pizzas, pastas, and gourmet salads, ‘A story, 26 years in the making, of love, passion, adventure and loads and loads of pizza’, summarises its website.

I have a personal weakness for hearts, ever since I saw the first heart-shaped leaves when I walked the Camino Frances in Spain two years ago, seeing every heart-shaped stone, leaf, and cloud on my way. Eating a heart-shaped pizza would definitely appeal to me, and I am sure that it tastes even better than a standard round pizza. ❤️


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