Corona Lockdown: Government keeps Restaurants in the dark as to reopening date and regulations for Sit-Down Service!



It is unbelievable that the Government is keeping Restaurants, Bars, Shebeens, and Taverns in the dark as to the reopening date, as well as the regulations which will determine under which conditions Restaurants may welcome back diners for Sit-Down Service, as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa over a week ago. If restaurants are to reopen on 1 July, as is assumed, it gives them less than a week to set up after a three-month closure due to Lockdown Levels 5 and 4.

To date the Government has only announced one detail regarding Restaurants, Bars, Shebeens, and Taverns, via a Tweet from its Information Service, announcing that under current Level 3 regulations the consumption of alcohol in these establishments is prohibited.

Corona Lockdown ‘Advanced Level 3’ regulation devastating, alcohol not being allowed to be consumed in Restaurants, Bars, Shebeens, and Taverns when they are allowed to reopen!

At midnight last night the Restaurant Association of South Africa sent a What’s App to its mailing list, indicating that a Government meeting regarding the Restaurant reopening protocols and regulations will only take place tomorrow afternoon. That leaves restaurants with only five days to get ready for reopening, if it is assumed that the regulations will be announced on the same day or evening!


Dear Restaurants
I wish I had good news for you tonight.
Unfortunately I have just been notified by our contact at COGTA that there is a further delay. We have been advised that there is another meeting that will be taking place on Thursday afternoon to discuss the protocols.
We will continue to engage at every level and we have urgently requested that the Department kindly address the industry as to what the current situation is and when we can expect restaurants to open for sit down. We are outlining at every turn the critical urgency and state of the industry as a result of the continued delay.
The minute we are able to expand on any informational we will advise you immediately.
Rest well tonight and please stay strong  and keep your hope’.
In the mean time the Restaurant Collective, a collection of restaurants which includes Tasha’s, Signature Restaurants, Ocean Basket, and Doppio Zero, has prepared a step by step guideline entitled ‘How to open your restaurant’:

1.  Do your admin, in creating a Health & Safety file.

2.  Reduced Menu, with fewer items, with items that sell well, preferably touchless

3. Social Media

4. Chemical Supplies, for Personal Protective Equipment, masks, sanitizers and disinfectants

5.  Staff: decide which to call back to work, and briefing

6.  Staffing and Scheduling:  it is advised to set up two teams, in case of a team member contracting the Virus

7.  Staff Training: Focus on the new menu, new guest experience, and Covid-19 protocols

8.  Get your Restaurant Trade ready: stock take, fire and safety check, service extraction, etc
9.  Get your Restaurant Covid-19 ready: Social Distancing lines for quests, tables 2 meters apart, sanitizing stations, etc
10. Stock: contact suppliers, with a second back-up, and order take-away packaging, gas, and 50% of normal stock

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