Corona Virus Lockdown: Restaurant Association of SA thanks Government for allowing Restaurant Food Collection in Level 3, to lobby for safe sit-down restaurant opening!


Last night President Ramaphosa announced that the whole country will move down, or is it up, to Level 3 on 1 June 2020, one of the announced changes being that Restaurants may still not open for sit-down meals, but they may offer not only a Delivery Service, but a Food Collection Service from 1 June onwards too. The Restaurant Association of South Africa (RASA) had lobbied Government for this concession, and has expressed its gratitude for it being granted on behalf of the restaurant industry.

Corona Virus: President Ramaphosa announces step-down to Level 3 from 1 June 2020, opening up of the economy, restaurant meal collection, unrestricted exercise, and sale of Alcohol!

This morning RASA CEO Wendy Alberts sent a What’s App to its members, expressing gratitude to the Government for allowing Restaurant Food Collection in Level 3 as of 1 June. Ms Alberts sees this concession as an opportunity to persuade Government to allow restaurants to reopen, offering a safe sit-down Service. She also intends to lobby Government regarding on-consumption alcohol sales

The message received from RASA is the following::

A message to all Our beautiful restaurants
Let’s us say Thank you Government for the gracious opportunity to reopen for collections and drive through 🙏
As our respected and admired President indicated his concern for our industry and highlighted the opportunity to change our position every two weeks let’s act on this by presenting a strong case to re open fully like all other sectors.
We have a window of opportunity to convince government around the safe Issue of sit down.
RASA will take the next week to prepare a motivated and consulted submission including a video health and hygiene standards SOP financial models re employment opportunities for both the formal and informal sectors.
I will talk to international partners on trends and processes on how we.will present a strong case to government to consider
Switching on the all the lights of our industry.
We have beautiful restaurants widely spread across all landscapes in South Africa and Rasa will include all considerations on all parts of our restaurant industry regardless of your restaurant type position offering location menus size or the likes
We have magnificent indoor and Outdoor seating areas and can comfortably practice social distancing more favorably than shopping Centre’s, offices and supermarkets.
Our beautiful restaurants for now let’s get ourselves open for takeaway delivery and drive through – the curfew has been relaxed – and as we open for the next level let’s remain the beautiful positive incredible family we are making beautiful food and filling homes with the best experiences we can give at this time.
let’s continue to display the high standards we have set since the onset and let’s all Come together 🇿🇦 back each other with a substantiated motivation and if we push a little more
We can bring life back to our beautiful restaurants
Giving people hope
Getting people back to work
Getting the economy going again
Rasa invites all support at this time
Please contact me or let me have your suggestions or comments on WhatsApp 0836619000
Videos and voice notes welcome 🇿🇦❤️🙏
Serving you everyday
The revaluations around our restaurants will be issued in the next few days
Many have sent pertinent questions that will I have submitted for answers
I will approach the liquor board today for review on liquor sales and delivery
You are welcome to send me any questions ideas regarding the next stage to me’.
Last week RASA issued a statement, requesting Government to allow Restaurants to also offer a  Food Collection Service, alongside Food Delivery.  A passionate Cape Town Salushi restaurateur pleaded for the same, as in the link below:

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