The Sweet Service Award goes to Dermalogica, and its Head Office Manager Marja Basson, who did an amazing service recovery to make good the dreadful service I experienced at its Wembley Square branch. I received a text message, inviting me to test a new eye treatment cream, with options of a branch and a time that suited me. My appointment time and date was confirmed. I arrived slightly early, was told to take a seat (at the counter) and was offered a glass of water. Therapist Salma was busy with a client in an open space close to me, and when it was 12h20 she carried on without apology to me, and appeared very slow in taking payment from the client. Salma was 15 minutes late for my appointment, did not apologize when she began my treatment, blaming a double booking on their booking system, and began the treatment. I was irate by this time, and even more so when she squirted a liquid onto my dress intended to go onto a cotton wool pad. When I reacted to this, she ran out of the store. I was just left sitting there. An admin colleague told me that Salma had gone to Knead, where Marissa Kotze, the Dermalogica regional manager, was eating. I asked her why she had not come into the store to sort out the problem, to which Marissa responded by requesting me to return to the store until she had finished her lunch.  I was furious, and decided that was it, and had lunch at Ben Wei next door. Marissa called 45 minutes later, trying to apologize but it sounded insincere, and was dishonest in what she purported to have told me re the eating. I asked her to have someone from head office call me. Marja called, expressed regret in a sincere manner, apologized, and immediately offered me an in-depth eye treatment at the V & A Waterfront branch. This proved to be equally unsatisfactory, the therapist telling me thT she would ‘make me’ complete a card with my requirements, the wording pressing my buttons! Third time lucky was the fabulous service and treatment I received at the Cavendish Square branch by Anna Machlachlan, explaining to me after the treatment what she had applied, and sending me off with a number of samples. 

The Sour Service Award goes to Fruit & Veg City Cape Town Gardens branch, for selling diced butternut that had mould on it on its sell-by date. It was not visible from the front of the pack when I bought it. 

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