Design Indaba Sweet Service and PJ Plumbing Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Design Indaba 2012, for once again putting Cape Town on the international design map, in attracting thousands of design experts and lovers to the city, to attend the Design Indaba Conference (with excellent local and international speakers) and Expo (with leading edge local design) at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.  In 2011 the event generated R51 million in ‘organiser expenditure’, R 9 million in ‘exhibitor expenditure‘, and R50 million in ‘delegate expenditure‘, according to a report in the Cape Argus.  The Design Indaba is estimated to have generated R86 million for the Western Cape economy last year. Last year City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee member for Marketing, Tourism and Events, Grant Pascoe, was lambasted when he wanted to cancel the City’s funding of Design Indaba.

The Sour Service Award goes to PJ Plumbing in Sea Point. An insurance dispute over a few weeks uncovered an insurance fraud attempt by the company. The company was very quick to offer to put in an insurance claim for a burst geyser, which service initially was impressive. Since then they have been calling about the payment of the geyser. We called our Nedbank insurance broker, who had written that the claim had been settled, but we had not seen any payment. It appears that PJ Plumbing provided their bank details on our claim form. They received the insurance payout, yet they chased payment of the full amount with threats and harassment.  Nedbank has removed the company from its approved insurance claim supplier list, and a complaint has been laid with the Institute of Plumbing of South Africa.

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4 replies on “Design Indaba Sweet Service and PJ Plumbing Sour Service Awards”

  1. Paul Emmanret says:

    Yes, the sour award is seconded. NEVER ask PJ Plumbing for a certificate for transfer. Just had a nasty experience. They charge an inspection fee plus vat then they quote an imaginary problem needing to be remedied. At substantial cost. They are a RIP OFF. Estate Agents who hand them work should steer clear.
    The institute of Plumbers is founded by a seapoint plumber (Drips plumbing) and they all watch each others back charging exhorbitant rates. (Yup PJ is part of the institute of plumbing family) Avoid them and use independent people whose vans you’ve seen over the years. They are not “institute members”

  2. Very interesting Paul, and thanks so much for sharing.

    Paul of PJ Plumbing has threatened writing a review about us on TripAdvisor (this is why the website has such a bad reputation). The Institute of Plumbers Chairman is a plumber himself, and he wanted documented proof that they were acting fraudulently, which we sent, but nothing has been communicated from them since then. At least Nedbank has taken action, and blacklisted PJ Plumbing.

    I have been ripped off by Drips Plumbing too, charging double the cost of a geyser, as priced at On Tap. I went to my lawyer, and they accepted a 50% reduction on the payment. Chris at On Tap knows all these characters!

    Unfortunately I used PJ Plumbing after I saw their van in Bo-Kaap. Paul’s German brother-in-law Michael was amazing in doing the job, but Paul runs the company, and uses his ‘charming’ assistant Michelle to dupe clients.


  3. Paul Emmanret says:

    The institute of plumbers was founded by the elder Goldie of Drips and you should hear the nonsense spouted by Drips when they purport that their members offer better standards etc so you are paying for quality. Just look at all the independent plumbers around! There should be an investigation against the Institute which is misleading in name as it sounds “authoritative” but in fact is a toothless more a loosely knit association with only one goal …to plumb peoples wallets again and again. People you have been warned STAY AWAY FROM DRIPS PLUMBING AND STAY AWAY FROM PJ PLUMBING and it will save you money (and you will get the same quality) IF YOU DO NOT USE ANYONE associated with the INSTITUTE OF PLUMBERS. Get quotes and reference first and the quotes and inspections should be FREE

  4. I second your warning about Drip’s and PJ Plumbing – I am an unhappy ex-client of both plumbing companies too!


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