Doppio Zero Sweet and Roundhouse Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to Doppio Zero at Cavendish Square, and to its Manager Bradley, for understanding the power of service recovery.    The customer arrived in the midst of a staff shift change, with the staff unattentive to the customers.  Coffee had to be ordered three times, and a bill requested three times.   Each time, Bradley had to step in for his staff, and he apologised profusely for the poor service experienced.  Bradley waived the bill, and invited the customer to come back again to experience the good service of Doppio Zero on another day.

The Sour Service Award goes to the Roundhouse restaurant in Camps Bay.   The Cape Argus reports that the restaurant, that has set itself up to become the best restaurant in Africa, has reacted to a customer complaint about a table booked for New Year’s day, with a deposit paid, in the most negative manner.   The restaurant claims that the couple was 90 minutes late – the couple claims it was only 10 minutes.    A deposit of R 1 200 was paid by the couple for the meal on the special day.   Their table was given away, and they were downgraded to a table in a less desirable section of the restaurant, which led the couple to complain to Argus Action.  The Roundhouse’s arrogant reaction to the customer complaint is its announcement that it is instituting a customer blacklist for patrons who regularly arrive late, and will refuse bookings from them in future!   Roundhouse Partner Paul Rowett says: “We are going to start complaining about guests”.   The restaurant is planning to share the “name-and-shame-late-arrival-patron-blacklist” with nine or ten other restaurants, and to make the offending patrons’ names public. 

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