Eat Out explains its 2016 Woolworths Sustainability Award for restaurants!

imageAfter a question by Relax-with-Dax as to why the Woolworths Sustainability Award was not awarded to a restaurant at the Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards held on Sunday, given that it was one of the Award categories, Eat Out issued a statement today!

The statement says that Eat Out wants to recognize a restaurant which ‘is making great strides towards running a sustainable business’.  The first Award is to be handed over in 2016.  No explanation is provided for not having awarded it this year!

It continues that ‘the aim of the 2016 Woolworths Sustainability Award is to inspire Eat Out readers and members of the food industry and create greater awareness about responsible sourcing and eating‘. It is stated that Eat Out will work with ‘independent, credible players to ensure that the criteria of the Award is representative of sustainability in the restaurant business in South Africa‘. Weird, as Woolworths has a Sustainability Division, headed up by Justin Smith, which runs its own set of advertisements for the Division, and ran a TV series about Food Sustainability with unknown Australian surfer-boy Hayden Quinn last year!

Some of the criteria are described as whether the restaurants prioritise using sustainable fish species; the use of free-range eggs, meat, poultry, and dairy products; policies re sourcing supplies locally, seasonally, and organically; how food waste is limited; how water and electricity is saved; and how the local community is respected and supported.

Eat Out editor Abigail Donnelly said that she is passionate about sustainability, and has been wanting to introduce such an award reflecting a world-wide trend for a long time.

Source: Eat Out

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