The Sweet Service Award goes to Exclusive Books Café in the V & A Waterfront, and its barista Gugu Gumede. I was deciding between two books by the same author, and sat at one of the Café tables to do so. Gugu appeared with a dry cappuccino, perfectly made, without taking my order, remembering from a previous visit how I love my cappuccino. I only visit the Café infrequently, and have rarely had good service there in the past, making Gugu’s proactive service even more remarkable! I bought both books in the end!

The Sour Service Award goes to Incredible Connection in the V&A Waterfront and its staff member Miskah Abrahams. Miskah sat closest to the entrance of the store, and I asked her if she could help me with a quotation for a replacement laptop which had been stolen. She looked through a brochure and then we selected an equivalent one. Then the drama started, in that it took her more than half an hour to print out the one page quote. She insisted that it was the fault of the printer, ironic in that they sell printers!  I then requested that a manager be called. At this stage Miskah had developed an attitude, insisting that she was trying her best to help me. Manager Esmeralda came to the rescue, but it took another 15 minutes to receive the quotation. She explained that Miskah had made an error in printing the quotation. It was no surprise that the store had more staff than customers, Miskah having been on her cellphone when I arrived!

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