Exclusive Books Sweet and Woolworths Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Ian of Exclusive Books in Sea Point, who kept the store open on a Sunday afternoon so that I could pop down quickly from Fresnaye to buy the ‘New Concise Larousse Gastronomique”, it being the only branch in Cape Town to stock the book.




The Sour Service Award goes to Woolworths, for misleading consumers through a promotion which is downright dishonest.  I am a regular purchaser of its 240 gram cheddar and gouda cheeseblocks, and noticed a “save R6” flash in the top left corner of the pack.  I asked Lance, the duty manager of the Piazza Da Luz branch, what the exact price is, as the shelf price showed R25,95. He seemed out of his depth in answering my question, as I showed him a slip of two weeks earlier, when the same purchase had also cost R25,95 without the promotion.   He went to the till to scan the products (one pack with, and another pack without the R6 flash), and on scanning them, both showed the price to be R 25,95.   Lance took no interest in how long I had to wait for him at the cheese shelf, and took other calls while I waited for him.  He made no attempt to call Head Office, saying the offices were closed on a Saturday afternoon, and refused to call his store manager and the Customer Care department.  He took my details, and I only heard from Nazeem of the Woolworths’ Customer Care department five days later.  He was full of excuses about his delay in making contact, had not been briefed by the store, and I still have not been called by the Promotions department of Woolworths, even though my complaint was picked up by the Woolworths Twitterer, and I was promised contact on Monday.  After almost a week, I am still mad about this dishonesty, and at Woolworths for not caring about its customers!

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3 replies on “Exclusive Books Sweet and Woolworths Sour Service Awards”

  1. Dave Snoek says:

    You Go Girl.

    I just love it when they get caught out.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Batonage says:

    Good call on Exclusive Books Chris. We ordered a book from the Waterfront branch on Wednesday, and on Saturday my phone rang and the book had arrived already. Its been awhile since I’ve had service like that in Cape Town. Even though EB is quite pricey in the fiction department, I find them excellent at what they do.


  3. S.W. says:

    Woolworths also advertised a special promotion for everyday dishes, but the picture on the display did not match the dishes that were actually on promotion. The display dishes turned out to be much more expensive. We complained to customer service about this and they reprimanded the homewares manager, asking him to correct the promotional signage. However next time we were there the same misleading promotional picture was there.

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