Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail accounts back up again, after a severe hacking attack!

My Social Media accounts were severely hacked while I was in the air flying to London on Tuesday evening 28 May. It has taken a week, and the extreme patience and cleverness of a dear friend, to unhack my Facebook and Messenger, Instagram, and Gmail accounts, everything now back up and running since yesterday.

My Facebook account was most severely hacked, posts of 25, 26, 27, and 28 May having been deleted from my main Facebook page. A total of 2000 Friends were deleted or blocked, but I have managed to unblock them again, but that does not automatically make them Friends again. The hacker also removed my name and replaced it with a Chinese one, having no meaning to me. Unfortunately Facebook does not allow one to change the name of one’s account more than once in 60 days, which means that I have to live with my Chinese name for the next two months. My real name is shown underneath the Chinese name. 

My Instagram account disappeared completely, and I am starting it from scratch, using the new Instagram handle @chrissy_ulmenstein. It will take a tremendous amount of time to rebuild my following on this account. 

My Gmail account chrisvonulmenstein@gmail.com was first to be repaired, and fortunately no emails  appear to have disappeared. 

Being subject to such a severe hack attack, I have changed all the passwords of my Social Media accounts, and working on two-phase authentication, a better security measure. I am also using a different password for each account. I urge my readers to double check the security of their Social Media accounts. 

My Twitter account and WhaleTales Blog are unaffected by the hack attack. 

I have proof of who the perpetrator is, his name having been in the Facebook post I wrote on the eve of my departure on the 28th of May, the hack attack being in retaliation to my announcement that I had ended my relationship with him. Phew! 

I apologise to my readers for the inconvenience this may have caused. Please would you put in Friend/Follow requests on my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so that you can receive my posts again? Many thanks.

POSTSCRIPT 6/6:  On opening my Facebook this morning, I received the good news from Facebook that it has set its 60 day name change rule aside, and has allowed me to have my name back again!

POSTSCRIPT 18/6: Through Facebook I have learnt that the hacker was my ex-fiancé Ali Hassan Khan and his friends Abdul Haseeb, and HaXan Tariq, probably to remove all evidence of him in my life from my Social Media platforms, after I broke the week-long engagement, it becoming clear that it was about money (he refused a marriage contract) and extending his visitor visa. 

Dear reader: Due to the hacking of our Social Media accounts, you may need to follow our Facebook   again, the hackers having removed 2000 Friends;  and our Instagram account, the account having been deleted completely. 

Chris von Ulmenstein, WhaleTales Blog: www.chrisvonulmenstein.com/blog Tel +27 082 55 11 323 Twitter:@Ulmenstein Facebook: Chris von Ulmenstein Instagram: @Chrissy_Ulmenstein

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