The Sweet Service Award goes to the FIFA Ticket Collection office in Hans Strydom Avenue in Cape Town, where the collection of tickets booked via the Internet took 15 minutes in total.  The process was efficient, in that the ID Book was checked, one signed electronically on a screen (with instant signature verification for the credit card companies, no doubt), and the tickets were issued in a folder, with transport guidelines for match days.   

The Sour Service Award goes to Gordon Ramsay and the organisers of the Good Food & Wine Show in Cape Town two weeks ago, who had egg on their face when a charity dinner at maze at the One&Only Hotel in Cape Town turned into a fiasco.  Some guests had booked and paid for their tickets but were not on the restaurant’s booking sheet, and had to sit at a counter on bar stools, having paid R 1 500 per ticket.  The sponsored Fleur du Cap wines ran out before the end of the evening.  The hotel does not stock this brand, so it could not be replenished from its stock.   Ramsay delivered a short welcome to the guests, and a live feed from the kitchen was meant to allow them to see Ramsay slave away in the preparation of their meal, but he soon disappeared off the screen.   A promised Question and Answer session with Ramsay did not materialise, as he had long left the kitchen and the hotel, and went clubbing at Tiger Tiger in Claremont, amongst others.   Seriously annoyed guests, some of whom had flown to Cape Town from Johannesburg or Durban, expressed their disgust at the poor organisation of the dinner on Food24‘s Comments page for maze restaurant.   The Good Food & Wine Show’s Christine Cashmore took a week to issue a short and sweet media statement, apologising on behalf of her company and Ramsay.  It appears that some of the guests had tried to slip into the kitchen, and this had annoyed Ramsay, as had the cameras, it was written, and he had stormed out of the kitchen in one of his ‘famed’ fits.   Ramsay however performs best under the TV camera, according to his fans. Cashmore has offered to refund all guests that booked but did not get a table.  The One&Only found a similar wine, and poured that, Cashmore denying that any guests were left without red wine.

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