imageChef Jenny Morris, known as The Giggling Gourmet, has announced that she is opening her first restaurant Yumcious in the Cape Quarter in December.

Chef Jenny has operated the CooksPlayground from Napier Street for a number of years, but has to vacate her cooking school, events venue, and filming studio as the building is to be demolished for a new building project, she told me at the launch of her ‘Jenny and Reza’s Fabulous Food Academy‘, airing on Food Network from 16 November on weekdays.

The forced move is creating new opportunities for her and her business: they are taking 600 sq meters in the Cape Quarter, for the CooksPlayground. She is also taking over the former Celtic Cove space in the Cape Quarter, and her Yumcious will offer Breakfast and Lunch, serving ‘honest food’, she told me. What is exciting is that she will also serve good coffee and excellent cakes (an absolute gap in the Cape Town market), and will bake all her own breads and buns, of which she showed me imagemouthwatering photographs. She will also offer a ‘weigh and pay‘ lunch service, reflecting her passion for Mediterranean and Moroccan foods, offering daily specials. She will make fruit cordials and offer fruit teas too.

As if Chef Jenny does not have enough on her plate already, she is completing a new cookbook, to be launched shortly. She also having a special wine made for her by Perdeberg Winery.

CooksPlayground and Yumcious, Cape Quarter, Cape Town. Tel (021) 435-3000 Cell 083 255 3477  Twitter: @JennyMorrisChef

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