Gold Restaurant Sweet and Cape Talk Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to Gold Restaurant on Strand Street, its owner Cindy Muller, and its PR agency Hazell PR’s Jacqui Jones, for the invitation to a dinner at the Africa-inspired restaurant.   The welcome after one has walked through the Gold Museum, the facade of the building to the outside world, is by means of a surprise hand wash and dry by the staff – a nice touch.   Prossy, who hails from Uganda, took us on a Cape Malay and African Taste Safari throughout the evening, serving 5 small starter portions, 6 small main portions and 2 desserts.  Beautifully painted plates and bowls in strong colours are brought to the table regularly, in which one can spoon one’s choice of food (examples are peri-peri prawns with oranges, smoorvis, roti, couscous, West African peanut chicken, and boeber dessert).    The staff are beautifully dressed, in a layered look, with lots of orange, and also gold.    The bread is served in a flower pot.  Entertainment is offered, and the many German tourists take photograph after photograph, loving the dancing of the staff, the Mali puppets, the Congolese drumming, and the singing.

The Sour Service Award was nominated by George Bogdan, and goes to Cape Talk. 

“The more I listen to Cape Talk 567 the more it frustrates me for being such an amateurish radio station!  It continually tells its listeners it is Cape Town’s Number 1 News and Talk station. It is Cape Towns ONLY News and Talk station!  The problem goes further than that. Every Saturday and Sunday and public holiday it plays hours and hours of Golden Oldies. Hardly News and Talk. It seems to have the smallest record library in the world. My collection of old records is bigger than theirs. If I hear Cliff Richard sing Summer Holiday or Congratulations one more time I will take my radio and throw it through their studio windows in Greenpoint!!!.    Easter weekend Eugene T Blanche is murdered so what does Cape Towns Number One “News and Talk Station” do?…..It carries on playing Golden Oldies all day.!!!!!!!!   Have the owners (Primedia) the Station Controllers or the Producers not listened to so called News station around the world. In any country I have worked in (including being a BBC News Producer) the music would have been dropped and we would have gone into “rolling news” mode.  Here?…. NO…Carry on playing Cliff Richard etc.  What happened on Sunday evening “could” be the start of something terrible but what does our Number 1 station do it carries on playing Golden Oldies.   Yes I know there were hourly bulletins but you can hardly can call them coverage.  They also have a problem with the word ‘Allegedly”. They talk about alleged murders, car accidents etc. The murders, accidents are not alleged they are FACT. The people who are charged with anything to do with them are  deemed to be allegedly connected with the event. When they are found guilty the alleged can be dropped.”
The WhaleTales Sweet & Sour Service Awards are presented every Friday on the WhaleTales blog.  Nominations for the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be sent to Chris von Ulmenstein at   Past winners of the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be read on the Friday posts of this blog, and in the WhaleTales newsletters on the website.

4 replies on “Gold Restaurant Sweet and Cape Talk Sour Service Awards”

  1. Paul says:

    You sound like a real sourpuss. There are enough radio stations reporting on rapes, murders and other crimes all of the time. I listen to 567 oldies over the weekend to escape those unpleasant realities of life for a while as, I am sure, do many others. The hourly updates are quite good enough for normal people to keep abreast of events. There is way too much of this worshipping of various political figures going on. They’re just men with no answers to the problems besetting this world. I would much rather listen to oldies than listen to all the gory details relating to a crime of violence. Our kids are being hardened to violence and crime way too early in their lives because of this excessive exposure to the details and images of criminal activity that is being made public. They are being brainwashed by it and they are increasingly starting to accept it as a normal activity. It’s not healthy for them. If more of them listened to radio stations such as Cape Talk, including the golden oldies weekends, they would all be psychologically healthier and better prepared for the future.

  2. Dear Paul

    Thank you for your view and comment. Please note that Cape Talk was nominatd for the Sour Award by George Bogdan.

  3. Paul says:

    Sorry if I gave the impression I was criticising you, Chris. I was thinking of the comments made by George Bogdan as I typed it but I was a bit distracted at the time. I was trying to work out a new piece of software while I typed it and the software kept interrupting me. With my train of thought being jiggled all the time I didn’t word that comment exactly as I would otherwise have done.

  4. Thanks for the clarification Paul.

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