Gucci Nice Sweet Service Award; Gucci Paris Sour Service Award!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Gucci in Galeries Lafayette in Nice, and its sales assistant Anete Petersone. Anete spoke perfect English, helped me connect to the store wifi so that I could get a quick approval for a belt purchase, chose the correct belt size, wrapped the gift beautifully, and guided me to the fourth floor of the store, an absolute professional. I was offered a mineral water whilst making the purchase. She guided me to the Tax Refund department in the store. I returned two days later, to buy another Gucci item, but it was not available in the Nice branch, so Anete contacted the Galeries Lafayette Haussmann branch in Paris, requesting them to keep the item for me. 

The Sour Service Award goes to the Gucci store within Galeries Lafayette in the Paris Haussmann branch. When I went to collect the Gucci item, as arranged by Anete of Gucci Nice, they knew nothing about it. I had to wait for them to fetch the item from a stock room downstairs. I was not let into the Gucci section immediately, only three or four customers being let in at a time. There was no wifi for Gucci customers (the whole of Galeries Lafayette was without internet on the day!), and they also did not have mineral water. The service difference between the Nice and Paris Gucci branches was like chalk and cheese! 

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