Haus & Laib Deli, Speciality Butchery, and Bistro opens on Loop Street, sells Raith cold meats and other German Treats!

Yesterday I went to pop in at the new Haus & Laib Deli, on Loop Street opposite the back entrance to the St Martini Lutheran Church. I received a warm welcome from co-owner Cheryl Hauslaib, whom I had got to know from my shopping at Raith, now renamed Hartlief, over the years, before she and her husband Hans left to start their new venture.

Located in half of the former Eurohaus building, the Haus & Laib Deli, Speciality Butchery, and Bistro will appeal to German residents as well as lovers of German food treats. There is a Hausbrandt coffee station, at which one can order various styles of coffee, including ready-made iced coffee.  

The first of two fridges stocks German favorite cold meats, all made by Raith in Parow Industria, so close by, compared to the Hartlief products being ‘imported’ from Namibia, Cheryl explained. Their cold meat selection includes, Bockwurst, Bratwurst, Fleischwurst, paprika polony, Fleischkäse, Gypsy Ham, Black Forest Ham, Viennas, Frankfurters, cocktail Viennas (to order 24 hours in advance), spreads including Teewurst, Mettwurst, and Leberwurst, Blutwurst, Sülze (brawn), tongue, roast beef, Leberkäse, streaky bacon, and Lacksschinken.

The second fridge stocks a range of salads, including potato, carrot, Fleischsalat, and Sauerkraut, as well as ready-made rolls with cheese and a slice of ham. The Butchery items are displayed here too, including beef fillet and rump, beef fillet kebabs, pork fillet, pork Schnitzel, ostrich steak, beef topside, Kassler, and lamb chops. 

One can order hot foods to eat at Haus & Laib, there being a soup of the day, mash, two vegetables of the day, and a choice of meat from the Butchery, not pre-cooked but prepared to order while one waits. They also have German Treats of Eisbein, meatballs, and meat loaf available. 

They sell Silke’s Banting Bread, as well as round sourdough loaves supplied by Woodstock Bakery. A Deli side stocks Christmas Stollen (R181), Panettone (R295/R345), Rittersport chocolates, Maggi, Hausbrandt coffee, tinned herring fillets, German mustard, and bottled Sauerkraut, red cabbage, gherkins, and Apfelmuss.

While I am on a very strict eating regime at the moment, I returned to buy a Stollen, for an Advent celebration this weekend. It was quick and easy to park outside the Deli, and it was lovely to see the familiar faces that have moved with Cheryl and Hans to their new Haus & Laib Deli, Butchery, and Bistro. 

Haus & Laib Deli, Speciality Butchery, and Bistro, 210 Loop Street, Cape Town. Tel (021) 825-8943. Facebook: HausLaibDeli. Monday – Friday 7h30 – 17h00, Saturday 8h00 – 14h00.

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