Hennie’s Electrical Sweet Service and Citi-Sprint Sour Service Awards!

imageThe Sweet Service Award goes to Hennie’s Electrical in Hermanus, and its staff member Melinda, for its impressive service in regassing a refrigerator within two hours of receiving my request, without any questions about payment, which was sorted out after the regassing had been done!



imageThe Sour Service Award goes to Citi-Sprint, and its staff member Brandon, for its rude service. The company was instructed to deliver a bottle of wine to me, and was asked to call me to arrange a time. They called just after 8h00, and I could not answer the call. No message was left. I called back to the number which I could see on my phone, but the person answering did not know who could have called, not even after shouting around the office while I was on the line. The person on the phone told me that clearly the delivery was unimportant if his colleague had not left a message!  Brandon called back about two weeks hours later, arrogant and cheeky in tone, and when I expressed my dissatisfaction with the service, he told me that the call was recorded. I was expecting a second delivery on that day, so asked him for the name of his client, but he couldn’t get to answer the question, choosing instead to put down the phone! I fed this back to the PR company which had organized the delivery, and they arranged for the delivery again. Again Brandon was arrogant and rude, but the delivery was made by one of their staff.  UTI courier company, dropping off the other parcel on the same day, was friendly and efficient, just arriving without any rude phone calls!

The WhaleTales Sweet & Sour Service Awards are presented every Friday on the WhaleTales blog. Nominations for the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be sent to Chris von Ulmenstein at whalecot@iafrica.com. Past winners of the Sweet and Sour Service Awards can be read on the Friday posts of this blog. 

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