Incredible Connection Sweet and Sour Service Awards!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Incredible Connection at Canal Walk, and its sales executive Danie Marx.  Remembering good service from Danie at the city centre branch, who had since moved to the Canal Walk branch, I called him.  He agreed to wait for me to drive to the branch, and waited with me in making the sale of a new Samsung laptop and in attempting to set up basic functions, even though he was meant to go home at 5 pm. When I returned the following day for a colleague to set up the e-mail programme, Danie was there to make sure that all went smoothly, and did not charge for the technical support.

The Sour Service Award goes to Incredible Connection in the city centre, to whom I first went for the purchase of the new laptop.  The salesman tried to sell me the top-end Samsung, at R3000 more than the model that Danie at the Canal Walk branch had suggested to suit my needs.  The crowning glory was that when I wanted to test the laptop, I was told that they had run out of their internet cap for the month, which would only be topped up at the beginning of the next month, three days later! It is astounding that a computer sales outlet is not using an uncapped computer service, to enable it to demonstrate its products!

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2 replies on “Incredible Connection Sweet and Sour Service Awards!”

  1. darren says:

    well done chris made me laugh

    in 8 years of living here that is the best i have ever heard… they ran out of internet so couldnt test the laptop…

    i can imagine some little man in head office implementing that cap to save a little bit of money

    sell the shares now !!!!

  2. I love your comment Darren from Hout Bay – had a good laugh about it again!


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