Mercedes Assist Sweet and Google South Africa Sour Service Awards!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Mercedes Assist Stellenbosch, and its representative Robert, who came to the rescue to help remove a tyre with a puncture, picked up at Plaisir de Merle’s parking area over Franschhoek Uncorked last weekend. The tyre casing had got rusted and couldn’t be removed due to all the rain, despite telephonic instructions on how to do this provided by a mechanic initially. Robert had to attend to another problem in Franschhoek, and changed the tyre after managing to get it off the car with extreme difficulty.  He took pity on our Maintenance Plan having expired, and did not charge.

The Sour Service Award goes to Google South Africa, for its poor organisation of a workshop mainly focused on selling delegates the benefits of Adwords, and also encouraging the usage of Google+ (for an hour), on a wet and rainy Friday, from 2 – 6 pm! The problems started with the lack of parking, due to a Security conference running in the Cape Town International Convention Centre too, which meant that no one was allowed to park in the basement, despite the stormy weather. There was no signage inside the building about the workshop, and no one knew where we had to go.  The workshop started 45 minutes late to allow for the parking problems, and there was no wifi in the auditorium, despite delegates having been told to bring their laptops to set up their Adword accounts.  The MC was flippant and unprofessional, and one of the presenters Ben, who had arrived from Google Dublin, shared his horror story of getting to South Africa, missing a flight and his luggage still not having caught up with him a few days later!  We were then sent to two smaller venues, trekking through half the building, and while there was wifi there, the internet was too slow to allow most to connect (we had already been told to not open/download anything other than Adwords), wasting more time.   Wine and snacks promised for the conclusion of the workshop were nowhere to be seen.  We could not exit the building the normal way, because of the Security conference security procedures, but there was no signage to communicate this.  Attendance was poor, maybe a 100 delegates in a 1000 seat auditorium, reflecting the poor choice of week day and time of day. Presentation slides sent by e-mail were promised to delegates but have not yet been received one week later!

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2 replies on “Mercedes Assist Sweet and Google South Africa Sour Service Awards!”

  1. Francoise says:

    Google: OH MY GOD!! And I thought I had missed out on something of value by not being able to make it. Sounds like a nightmare. (I have received the slides though).

  2. G Minus says:

    To be honest I wouldn’t expect any more from Google SA. The only purpose their satellite office in Johannesburg serves is to ensure the “bigger” Google has a physical presence in a promising emerging market. The same goes for the employees of this particular office who know little of the Google products they sell and are really nothing more than over-hyped brand ambassadors for the company that “does no evil”. If I were you I’d steer clear of any event Google puts on – they’re always useless and offer nothing that you couldn’t teach yourself online. BTW, they’re pushing the fledgling G+ network so hard at the moment that they’ll often advertise a punt for this product of theirs under the guise of something else (setting up Adwords for example).

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