Mercedes-Benz Culemborg Sweet and Taylor Blinds Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to the Service department of Mercedes-Benz Culemborg in Cape Town.  A request for the replacement of a brake light bulb was met with efficiency by the service advisor, and the apprentice, who was called off another job to replace the bulb.  The customer had been told that no prior appointment was necessary.   When the customer wanted to pay, she was told that the bulb cost a mere R 2, and the apprentice had to do the job anyway, and that there would therefore be no charge.  The customer had expected to spend a considerable period at the service department, and was pleasantly surprised when the stop had taken only 10 minutes on a very busy Friday afternoon. 

The Sour Service Award goes to Taylor Blinds.   The company was efficient in turning an order for a new houseful of Venetian blinds around quickly.  However, its service from the time of installation three months ago has been less than satisfactory.    The company was called late in the afternoon on the day before installation, to check when the installer would come.  They could not give a time the day before, as the allocation of jobs is only done in the morning.   No amount of pleading for a time was entertained.  At 7h30 the next morning the installer called, to ask if he could come immediately.     Having worked late the night before, unpacking boxes, the customer was not amused by the intrusion of the call at an unbusiness-like hour, and could not understand why the company could not have given the time of installation at the close of the day before.   After the installation was completed, the customer noticed that one of the blinds had the ‘wand’ and strings on the right hand side of the blind, necessitating the customer to climb into the bath to open and close the blinds every time.   This was communicated to Fred, the salesman, who promised to fetch the blind to have it changed, in mid-December.   Fred finally came to fetch the blind 6 weeks later.   A two-day promised return of the blind, essential for privacy in the bathroom, became a 10 day wait!   The company is most efficient in invoicing the customer, and in chasing payment, without understanding that its staff are delaying completion of the job.   The company was not amused when the customer asked whether payment could wait for as long as the job had taken to be completed!


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