Multichoice Sweet and Deukom Sour Service Award

The Sweet Service Award goes to Pondy and Pindy, two very efficient Customer Care ladies working for Multichoice in Cape Town..  Both of them were efficient and friendly in sorting out a customer account problem, surprising given the size of the organisation.  Pondy was happy to reverse an Excess charge, which had not been agreed to, without question



The Sour Service Award goes to Deukom, the German TV channel distribution company, which has restricted working hours in the evening, especially over weekends.    Most Deukom customers would be watching TV after 9 pm, and any problems with the Deukom TV service will have to wait until 9 am the following morning.  One is invited to leave a message, and one is promised a call back.   Last Sunday, only one person was working in the Call Centre, and one had to hold for 20 minutes until the call was answered, after having been cut off once already.    The lady on duty made it clear that she was annoyed at being the only person working.   The message left on the answering machine the night before was not returned at all!


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