Nederburg introduces new labels for global marketing drive!

NEDERBURG NEW LOGOIn launching a multi-million Rand global campaign for Nederburg, the brand has had a make-over, and its new label and packaging are being launched piece-meal, commencing with their 56HUNDRED.

The Nederburg brand crest is far more prominent compared to past label designs, ‘to clearly convey Nederburg’s heritage, pedigree and sophistication, to establish a stronger family resemblance across the range and to amplify shelf stand-out’,  said Carina Gous, head of the Distell luxury brand portfolio into which Nederburg falls.  ‘The redesigned,

slanted logo recalled branding of the past but with a refreshed, modern look. We’re a long-established but highly progressive brand and that is what the new icon expresses‘.

Nederburg is experiencing greater international presence, and has grown sales by ‘double digits’, including in Germany. Ms Gous said: The reinterpretation of Nederburg’s visual identity is being handled tier by tier. The first tier to receive the make-over is 56HUNDRED, a very popular offering in the UK, where it is about to go on shelf’. Other tiers will follow in the coming months and in South Africa, the new look will be evident from early 2016, when shoppers will find a different appearance to Baronne for example,  the newly named The Winemasters that replaces Winemaster’s Reserve and subsequently, the other collections in the multi-tiered range’.

Dramatically different above-the-line and digital communication, as well as a fresh new approach to in-store merchandising, will complement the packaging and label design changes.

Source: De Kock Communications

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