Netflix Chef’s Table new Pastry series mouthwatering sweet deliciousness, not all about Pastry!

Chef’s Table is one of the most highly regarded cooking series on television, Netflix having set the highest bar in two series to date, each featuring six world class chefs, as well as one focused on top chefs in France, with outstanding filming. Now it has released a Pastry series of four episodes, deliciously mouthwatering! 

Netflix Chef’s Table: getting into the heart and soul of the world’s best chefs!

Netflix launches third season of ‘Chef’s Table’, focuses on another six diverse Chefs!

The latest series features four top Pastry chefs from around the world:

#  Chef Christina Tosi from the Momofuku Milk Bar in New York, having started her career as Pastry chef at Bouley and wd-50, focusing on American desserts as opposed to French or other international style treats, despite having studied at the French Culinary Institute.  She was recommended to Momofuku owner and Chef David Chang, handling admin tasks for him. It was through the staff meals that she prepared alongside her real job that he experienced her talent as a Pastry Chef, there not being any desserts on the restaurant menu at that time. She created ‘cereal milk’, in a panna cotta (below), in a soft serve ice cream topped with Cornflakes, and ice cream pies. She also created the Crack Pie, and un-iced cakes known for their layers of fillings (right). Chef Christina has been a MasterChef judge, and has written cookbooks. She is involved in eight restaurants in the USA. 

#  Corrado Assenza, who is particularly known for his gelato and granita, made with the freshest and
finest ingredients from Sicily. In the episode an oyster and almond granita is featured, sounding delicious. He owns a fourth generation family business Caffè Sicilia in Noto in Sicily, operating for over a hundred years. 

A standard breakfast in Sicily is granita and brioche, served at the restaurant. 









#.  Chef Jordi Roca, from the leading restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona in Spain, with three Michelin stars. Chef Jordi worked with his very much older brothers Josep and Joan Roca, and helped put this restaurant on the map, being the number one restaurant on the World’s 50 Best Restaurant list twice. A chance encounter with learning about ice cream making taught him that one needs clean air to make it perfectly. His first ice cream was one infused with cigar smoke, the beginning of his dessert experimentation, called ‘Journey to Havana’. His most famous creation is ‘The Rainy Forest’, which includes ‘distilled dirt’, writes Eater, to create a childhood memory. Another is made
with sheep’s milk ice cream and edible spun wool! Chef Jordi evolved from a late starter in his field, to being named the Best Pastry Chef in the world! 

#   Chef Will Goldfarb explains in his episode that being a Pastry Chef can be demanding and frustrating. The New Yorker studied Pastry in Paris, followed by employment at the then top restaurant in the world, El Bulli in Spain. Returning to New York


he worked at Papillon, and Cru, and was fired from both, until he was approached to create an all-dessert restaurant Room 4 Dessert, offering a Dessert Tasting Menu. This restaurant closed down too, and he and his family moved to Bali. He returned to New York, reviving his dessert tasting menu, under the same name restaurant with a new location, and now is a big success.

Chef’s Table Pastry, Netflix. 

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