New Healing Hub a holistic home of health, movement, and lifestyle at Lourensford!

Earlier this month I was invited to attend the launch of the Healing Hub, a multi-disciplinary holistic home of health, movement, and lifestyle created at Lourensford wine estate in Somerset West. 

The brainchild of two mother and daughter teams Patricia and Samantha Taylor, and Dr Mothomong Diaho and Nthabiseng Shongwe (photograph above), the Healing Hub marries a health shop, a health studio, as well as the Spiral Aloe health centre and spa at Lourensford:

Life Retreat Movement Studio:  offers yoga, jiu jitsu (a Brazilian martial art and sport system focusing on grappling and ground fighting), Ballet, Tai Chi, Pilates, Bootcamp, Meditation, Dance, Zumba (Latin American dance inspired aerobics program), and hooping (exercising with hoops). The Studio is headed by Ryan Edmond, and will also offer workshops, as well as international retreats. 

Spiral Aloe Lifestyle Centre & Spa: The Spiral Aloe has been designed as a holistic health centre, focused on its clients’ overall well-being. Clients’ mind, body, and spirit are evaluated and treatments as well as healing therapy, are offered, through the services of a wide variety of ‘healers’. Broadly the Centre and Spa offer non-surgical healthy-ageing treatments, healing therapy, and spa treatments, the latter still to be completed. The prevention of Lifestyle diseases caused by unbalanced diet, physical inactivity, and chronic stress is also offered as a Service. Spiral Aloe has some 25 ‘healers’ to tap into for the benefit of its clients. Some of the ‘healers’ offering their services are the following: 

#   Dr Lydia Altini, a Functional Medicine practitioner, evaluating the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors influencing long term health and complex chronic disease.

#   Janine Hayward specializes in emotional recovery of anxiety, phobias, anger/rage, allergies, tension, and heartbreak. 

#   Niklaas Thysen (left) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist. I interviewed Niklaas, and was fascinated to learn that he can pick up deficiencies with the organs of the body by feeling a client’s pulse. He can also make diagnoses by evaluating the coating on various sections of the client’s tongue. 

#   Laura Primic uses Iridology to study the iris of the eye, to evaluate information and weaknesses about clients’ systemic health.

#   Dr Taryn Jacobs specializes in women’s well-being homeopathically.

#   Sharon Steyn is an Educational Psychologist and Addiction Counselor. 

#   CryoLiving offers injury and inflammation recovery as well as facials and massages, through the use of a machine using liquid nitrogen 

#   SleekSculpt, an electronic system which removes toxins, removes dead skin, does a lymphatic system cleanse, and moisturizes the body, ultimately leading to burning fat. 

#   The Spa will be offering therapies, which can be enjoyed with coffees and/or bubbly. Sports massage is an additional service, as is asthma treatment. Black Pearl is the top-end facial range offered at the Spa, a gold colored crown attracting attention to the brand in the Spiral Aloe reception. I could not resist wearing it for a photograph! 

Life Retreat Lifestyle Shop:  the shop offers gifts, clothing, home decor, ceramics, leather goods, health foods, furniture, and supplements. In addition, momentos are offered for tourists to buy. Products stocked are sourced locally in the main.  An online shopping experience is also offered. 

We arrived at Lourensford, and started the day with a yoga class guided by Ryan. It was a relaxing start to the day. This was followed by a coffee and muffin at the Coffee Roasting Company. I was allowed to try the CyroLiving treatment offered by Cindy van der Merwe, on my arm and on my face, the equipment being able to take the temperature to as low as -150 C, but applied closer to a temperature range of 2-5 C. This was followed by an introduction of the Spiral Aloe ‘healers’ over a lunch of canapés, which included caprese skewers, fruit skewers, flat bread, and mushroom and spinach quiches at the Millhouse Kitchen on the estate. 

To broaden our knowledge of Lourensford, we viewed the artwork in the Art Curator gallery, ending off an informative day about the new Healing Hub at Lourensford. One of the best aspects of the day was the wonderful rain falling as we moved to the different buildings during the day, the fine mist feeling refreshing and beneficial to our skin. I had to leave before the Lourensford winetasting, to make an appointment back in Cape Town. 

Disclosure:  Not only were we spoilt with a healthy day at Lourensford, but we were also sent on our way with a generous goodie bag filled with treats: Segafredo Espresso coffee capsules, Eat Naked raw honey, Nonuki Boom Bar, Eat Naked natural peanut butter, Wazoogles Superfood Protein Blend, The Longevity Co Colloidal Silver 100% natural immune booster, Matsi Mela Fizz Ball, Generosity 10 pH alkaline water, Happy Culture Kombucha Rooibos Chai, SeedOil Grapeseed Cooking Oil, Aloe Ferox Moisturizer, Hemporium bag, Eco Friendly scented sachets, Sophie La Girafe Baby Hair & Body Wash and Face Cream, a box of chocolates from Idea Tree, and Lavender in Lavender Hill bath salts, cooking herb, and Rooibos tea. 

Healing Hub, Lourensford, Somerset West. Cell 087 195 0629. Twitter:  @liferetreat_ @spiral_aloe Instagram: @liferetreat_ @spiralaloe Lourensford Wine Estate, Tel (021) 847-2333.

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