Nu Metro Sweet Service and Mill Coffee House Sour Service Awards

The Sweet Service Award goes to the Nu Metro cinema in the V&A Waterfront, whose manager on duty (the first time I have ever seen one) allowed me to change a ticket for an alternative movie, when I realised that I had already seen the one that I had booked.  There were no questions asked, and I was shown which seat I could sit in for the alternative movie I chose.  The lady selling the movie ticket was friendly and efficient, a rarity at this movie house.  She also told me which would be the best price option for the ticket.

The Sour Service Award goes to Mill Coffee House in Stellenbosch, and is nominated by Tanja Kruger: “Just thought I should let you know about my shocking experience at Mill House. Went there last week (in September) for a quick breakfast with my mom. I knew the owner had a bad day, because he was talking so loudly to the guest on the table next to us about cars being broken into…..I presume at the guest house area. We ordered coffees and some breakfast. Coffee was fine and waitress was friendly enough, but when the food came…..I was too disgusted to eat anything off the plates……they looked like they weren’t washed, just wiped by a dirty cloth (and I’m not talking about the greasy rims of the plates…..I’m talking about the inside where the food was on) there were even still some old pieces of food stuck to the top and bottom of the plates. The scary part is also that it was not only my plate, but both the plates. We showed the (now uninterested) waitress, who took it back to the kitchen. The barista came to apologize and offered us some coffees on the house to make up. Our second plates came out (cleaner than before, but still visibly greasy) carried by one of the kitchen staff..!?!?! She plonked the plates down on the table and asked if we were the people that complained and what the problem was because she saw no problem and asked sarcastically if this was good enough for us now. So I left the breakfast furious and got up to pay for the coffees…they handed me a bill with everything on it…the breakfasts and the comp coffees. I refused to pay, just paid for the  coffees. He asked if we want to speak to the owner..I said I wouldn’t bother. After we left, the owner ran after us with a plate of food,into the street!!!! He said we have a problem because there is nothing wrong with the food. We walked away, while he screamed after us in the street. It was the worst restaurant experience, and I have never experienced such rudeness in my life!!! No wonder the place is always empty! What happened to the customer is always right!?”

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8 replies on “Nu Metro Sweet Service and Mill Coffee House Sour Service Awards”

  1. Nick Jones says:


    This is a reply to your previous blog about the derogatory report in the Independent. I wouldn’t sweat it too much. The “Indy” only has a readership of about 100 & they are all bearded tree huggers, hardly the type to venture as far as CT for a vacation. They would be too busy worrying about the carbon footprint produced by their flight to & from CT!!

  2. Thanks for that feedback. It was in the Observer Nick. Same profile?


  3. Nick Jones says:

    Duh, sorry Chris. The Observer is the Sunday edition of the Indy. The readership is even LOWER!! 😉

  4. Brandon Nel says:

    I think Nick is confused about British newspapers. The Observer is the Sunday edition of the Guardian. The Independent on Sunday is, as you would expect, the Sunday edition of the Independent.

    Nick is probably a Times or Telegraph reader

  5. lisa harlow says:

    Well I am a Times / Sunday Times reader and still agree with Nick! I wouldn’t worry too much about this report – quite typical of the Guardian and Observer
    But more importantly was the fairly recent good coverage of South Africa in the Saturday Telegraph. However, recession still goes on in the UK, and this is more of a hurdle to overcome for tourism. Lets see how successful BA are with their extra Cape Town flights for the summer season…

  6. Thank you for that reassurance Lisa.

    Do you have a link for me of the Saturday Telegraph article?


  7. Nick Jones says:

    Mr Nel, you are correct in that I was confused about the left wing Sunday press. Obviously I’ve never read them!!

    However, how could you possibly mistake a loyal Telegraph reader for a reader of that Murdoch rag????

    Are you related to Andre Nel, your once excellent fast bowler?

  8. Brandon Nel says:

    I guess Mr Jones has only been a loyal Telegraph reader after it stopped being a Conrad Black rag?

    My point is that you were commenting incorrectly on the ownership of those newspapers and that by your comments on them, you identified yourself as a likely reader of the right wing press.

    No relation to Andre and I suspect you are no relation to Wayne Rooney’s close friend, Sarah Jones.

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