Olive Branch Deli Cape Town’s best kept secret in Lifestyle on Kloof, market in a small jam-packed shop!

I don’t often visit Lifestyle on Kloof, but needed to buy something at Wellness Warehouse yesterday morning, so spent an interesting morning, revisiting the centre, and some of its more quirky shops. My shock surprise was discovering the jam-packed Olive Branch Deli, a ‘Community Grocer‘ which has been in the centre, adjacent to Woolworths, for 18 months already! 

As one enters the Deli, down a narrow short passage of which every inch of space has been used in displaying its produce on shelving, including biscuits, coffee beans, teas, preserves, fudges, red peppers, and  fresh figs, one has no idea what an amazing range of Deli products awaits one inside, and what friendliness and old-world charm will greet you. I loved the Woody Allen-style jazz, and felt that I had stepped back in time.

Cypriot-origin owner Omeros Demetriou, with his sister Heléne, told me that they have tried to recreate a ‘mid-war’ feel, of the ‘Twenties and ‘Thirties. Omeros told me that their father was a watchmaker in the Lifestyle on Kloof centre, and would often sell olive products from his shop. At times they had a table outside the shop, and would sell their and other’s homemade products, often making better revenue from the produce than from the watches and the repair work. Omeros had studied watch repair, and he and his sister decided to open a Deli in Lifestyle on Kloof, and it is clear that they are doing very well, given how many customers were inside the Deli in the time that I was there. They have a coffee machine, and one can take-away a coffee or have it in a cup standing inside the Deli.  

Everything is displayed on shelving and in fridges, with only the bread being behind the counter, and has to be passed on to customers. Space is cleverly used to fit in everything a customer could possibly want. Suppliers are largely Cape-based, and many supply local markets too. I came unprepared, without notebook, but photographed much inside the Deli. Lighting is low, and this makes reading the price labels a little difficult, something which Omeros acknowledged. 

Brands and produce which I captured include red peppers; fresh figs; coffees from Deluxe, Republic, Bootlegger, and Wings; TWG finest teas from Singapore, with the most beautiful containers; breads from Woodstock Bakery, with pretzels, and Silke’s Brot; Portion 36, Adamskloof, De Queekvalleij, Rupert & Rothschild, Frantoio, Het Bos, Kleinbergskloof, Prince Albert, and Klein Namaquasfontein olive oils; Foxenburg yoghurts; Utopia cashew nut yoghurt; coconut yoghurt; Bedouin Labneh; Gay’s Dairy yoghurts and cheeses; Aramoun Lebanese dips and sauces; gin-infused olives; Farmer Angus meats; Richard Bosman charcuterie; farm butter; The Figary dried fig slices; Von Geusau chocolate slabs; Serena bottled butter beans, lentils, green peppercorn; Jemz asparagus spears; Pekel pickled jalapeños; various local honeys; Rozendal Botanical vinegars; Charlie’s range of relishes, piccalillis, chutneys, and pickles; Delicious Fish smoked fish; Angelfoods Fudgery; Kloovenburg and Cure’Ate olives; Bronco MSG-free biltong; Buffalo Ridge mozzarella, feta, and yoghurt, and much more. 

On their website Omeros writes that he took an interest in olive oils, having been a writer as well as a marketer of the products. When the space became available in Lifestyle on Kloof, he and his sister grabbed the opportunity. They see their Deli as providing a platform for local vendors to market their products daily, giving their customers fresh local and sustainable produce.  I urge Capetonians to visit Olive Branch Deli, a wonderful showcase of organic and other special produce which the Cape has to offer! 

Olive Branch Deli, Lifestyle on Kloof, 50 Kloof Street, Cape Town. Cell 073 847 5499. www.olivebranchdeli.com Instagram: @OliveBranchDeli Monday – Saturday 10h00 – 18h00 (weekdays)/17h00 (Saturdays

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