In what appears to be unusual, killer whales (also known as Orcas) have been found to be on the attack of Great White sharks in local waters. Even more unusual is that the organs of the Great White sharks have been targeted, and removed by the Orcas. The Orca attacks are making international headlines, this being such a rare phenomenon. 

In Gansbaai a Great White shark was found on the beach with its liver removed, a large organ representing about one third of the body weight of the Great White shark. Fewer White Sharks in the Gansbaai area, and greater sightings of Orcas, have led Shark Spotters to believe that Orcas are the cause. Two further Great White sharks have succumbed due to similar Orca attacks. ‘Shark livers are high in aqualene, an oily, nutrient-rich compound that (Dyer Island Conservation Trust shark biologist Alison) Towner believes is attractive to the whales’, according to

The Department of Environmental Affairs had commented that the number of Orca sightings has increased in recent years, and could explain why there are fewer Great White sharks in the Gansbaai area, traditionally associated with this shark species. 

Orcas tend to prey on sharks and other marine life, and attacks on humans have been rare. 

Since the attacks on the Great White sharks last week, they have not been sighted by shark cage diving operators in the Gansbaai area, Great Whites believed to have moved away from the area. 

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