‘Phenomenal season’ for Tourism, says Western Cape Tourism Minister Winde!

imageWestern Cape Minister of Economic Opportunities, Alan Winde, whose portfolio includes Tourism, has described the Tourism season lying ahead as ‘phenomenal‘. He has welcomed tourists visiting our province.

Since October the hospitality industry has improved dramatically, and it would appear that the good news about the amendments made to the Visa Regulations following the inter-ministerial committee deliberations, as well as the steadily weakening Rand, are the reasons. This sentiment reflects what we were told by Winelands restaurants last weekend, which have been booming since October too.

The media statement from the Minister refers to tourist attractions and their improved performance:

#  The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company has seen a 15% increase in bookings compared to a year ago, part of which must be due to a far less windy summer to date.

#  Kirstenbosch has seen a major increase in earnings since the introduction of the ‘Boomslang’ walkway in the Gardens a year ago.

#  Cape Point has seen a 15% increase in entrance income

#  Groot Constantia is set to achieve its highest number of visitors ever, in excess of its current record of 350000 per year.

Minister Winde expressed his delight that Cape Town International will be one of the first pilot sites for capturing Biometric data from passengers from countries such as India, China, Brazil, and Russia. He is confident that the downward tourism trend seen since May last year will be reversed.

Minister Winde’s office issued the media release before the overnight news yesterday that President Zuma had fired Minister of Finance Nhlanhla Nene, leading the Rand to spiral into free fall today, the Rand trading at new record lows of R15 to the dollar, R23 to the pound, and R16,50 to the Euro. This makes our country a Tourist paradise and should make the summer season ahead even more rosy than already predicted by Minister Winde.

Source: Media Release from Minister Winde’s office.

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3 replies on “‘Phenomenal season’ for Tourism, says Western Cape Tourism Minister Winde!”

  1. Nick Jones says:

    Keep up Chris, is now over ZAR24 to the £, heading rapidly towards ZAR25! Sadly politically, SA appears to be following the African tradition of corruption of ruining everything for the ordinary people. It will be even worse next year when inflation really starts to bight. However, I’ll enjoy it while I can, again in March. 🙂

  2. Nick Jones says:

    Zim also has 1 man to thank, that’s exactly my point Chris.

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