Restaurant Review: Buitenverwachting Asparagus Menu a good but expensive tip!


I had the pleasure of rediscovering Buitenverwachting about three weeks ago, having been invited to try their Sunday buffet lunch.  Whilst there, I had experienced chef Edgar Osojnik’s excellent cuisine, and therefore decided to return to try the Asparagus Menu, which runs until the end of November.

It was a lovely summer’s day and we sat on the terrace outside the restaurant, facing the Courtyard.  It was much quieter than on my previous visit, yet noisy from a field close by, where a sport’s day was being held.  

The Courtyard menu cover is made from black leather, is branded, and contains only a few pages, with four pages dedicated to the Asparagus special menu, costing R 260 for a 3-course meal plus a glass of Buitenverwaching Sauvignon Blanc or the Meifort.  It also contains a one-page Courtyard menu, being a mix of starters, mains and desserts, thus giving only a few options per course for non-asparagus eaters.

The Asparagus menu offers two standard asparagus dishes that one can order on an a la carte basis, either as a starter (R82) or as a main (R104) course.  Two choices are offered : with vinaigrette, offering olive oil, balsamico or truffle oil, and a baguette; and with a selection of sauces, being hollandaise, butter, Mornay, or Béarnaise, with parsley potato.   Other asparagus starter options range from R75 – R110, and are asparagus served with potato and an onion salad;  asparagus served with quail;  asparagus with parma ham; and asparagus with baby chicken.   Main courses are expensive, ranging between R145 – R165, and choices are asparagus served with salmon trout gnocchi, hanger steak, veal involtini, ravioli espuma, or with grilled line fish.  One of the desserts is served with asparagus, also containing rhubarb and strawberry gratin, and is served with saffron honey ice cream, at R69.

I could not get the waitress to explain to me exactly how the asparagus and linefish dish is served, and the French restaurant hostess came to assist, being very professional with her care of our table.  The waitress, by contrast, sulked the minute we said that we did not understand her reply about how the asparagus is served.   The hostess was able to offer a compromise, and Chef Edgar made a special dish with a most wonderful firm piece of kingklip, a parsley potato, and crunchy steamed white and green asparagus topped with the most outstanding deep yellow Hollandaise Sauce, at R156.  I savoured it slowly, to enjoy every bit of the wonderful taste.

My son is not an asparagus fan, and ordered the Entrecote steak with porcini dauphinoise at R152, and proclaimed it to be excellent, tender, and with a wonderful taste due to the shallot sauce on the steak.   Asparagus is one of the vegetables that comes with the dish, and a large thin fried potato slice added a lovely design touch to the presentation.    

Other Courtyard menu options are a caeser salad served with anchovies and salmon (R95), a vegetable tian served with sorbet, smoked onion puree and crostini (R73), and Sissy’s open sandwich (R44).  We were served an amuse bouche, which looked very attractive in its presentation, but was not really special in terms of its content, being two minute slices of Buffalo Mozzarella (looking like a quail egg slice at first, being so tiny) and a grapeseed Peperonata terrine with a minute panfried crostini, on top of which was a tiny drop of chippollini puree – a mouthful of a description for something that wasn’t!   Dessert options are rhubarb and ice cream, and Kardinalschnitte, a mousse cake slice.  

If one chooses to sit inside, or comes for dinner, one is offered the Nuptials Menu, a very clever name for the menu which pairs food and wine, but is even more expensive.  The menu is a very restricted one in terms of number of choices, but is beautifully presented, in a black leather cover too, with cards that can be changed as the menu changes.  So, for example, a starter Buffalo Mozarella and peperonata terrine is paired with Buitenverwachting’s Buiten Blanc at R20 per 125 ml glassful.  A Curry Leaf pan-fried langoustine-scallop starter at R 195 was paired with a Jordan Riesling at R25.  A veal main course costs R215, and is paired with  Whalehaven Pinot Noir at R35.  A Raspberry soufflé costs R55 and a chocolate variation R85, both paired with Buitenverwachting 1769 at R35 for 75ml.

I was shocked at the wine prices, not having seen them on my last visit.   While the Buitenverwachting Buiten Blanc costs R45 in the wine shop a few meters away, it costs R120 on the winelist, and R40 per 250ml glassful; the Chardonnay costs R85/260; the Sauvignon Blanc R60/R180; the Meifort R60/R175; the Merlot R65/R195; the Cabernet Sauvignon R80/R245, and the Christine R160/R485.  The Buitenverwachting Buiten Brut costs R272, and other MCC brands appear very expensive, with Pierre Jourdan Belle Rosé costing R383, Graham Beck Brut R474 and High Constantia Clos André Cuvee Brut R479.   Moët & Chandon costs from R990, Veuve Cliquot R1020 and Krug Grand Cuvee R2335.  Imported wines are from France (R761 and up), Italy (including a Barolo at R1218), and Australia, the USA and New Zealand (more reasonably priced between R342 – R583).  Shiraz wines on the winelist are Boland at R279, Glen Carlou (each vintage costing a different price, most expensive being 2004 at R410), Kevin Arnold at R320, Anatu at R280 and The Foundry at R301.  

When I saw the bill, and the cost of the cappuccino in particular, at R26, it really hit home to me how expensive Buitenverwachting is.  I have not drunk such an expensive coffee elsewhere in Cape Town.  Buitenverwachting cannot be faulted in terms of its gourmet cuisine, but one pays a high price for it, positioning it at the well-heeled Constantia set as well as international tourists.  The Sunday Buffet lunch is however excellent value at R240 for the four course meal.

We popped into the wine shop/wine tasting room after the lunch, and in fact did not see that its entrance was in the Courtyard.   It was quite disappointing – it is quite a large room with comfortable seating, looking much like someone’s lounge but not with much class, and display cases for the wines, as well as jewellery made by the wife of the  Buitenverwachting GM Lars Maack.  Given the quality of the wines and the restaurant, I was shocked to see the chap behind the counter wear a Billabong T-shirt and what looked like a swimming costume.  I left with a bottle of Buitenverwachting Meifort wine, having tasted it at the Sunday  Buffet lunch, at a cost of R60.

Buitenverwachting, Klein Constantia Road, Constantia, Tel (021) 794-3522.  Monday – Saturday lunch and dinner, Sunday Buffet lunch. Corkage R55.

Chris von Ulmenstein, Whale Cottage Portfolio: Twitter: @WhaleCottage

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10 replies on “Restaurant Review: Buitenverwachting Asparagus Menu a good but expensive tip!”

  1. Sandy Bailey says:

    Dear Chris
    Thank you for the review of Buitenverwachting Restaurant we really appreciate your comments.
    We find any criticism positive as we can do something about anything that needs fixing.
    As a point of interest, the winelist was under review for the past month and a new winelist was introduced in the Restaurant on the 19th October. I imagine your visit must have been prior to that.
    With regard to the price of the coffee which in your opinion is too high, it is of interest to note that Buitenverwachting use a special blend of Origin Coffee which is one of the more expensive coffees available and is quite delicious.

  2. Joe says:

    Here’s a new windmill for you to tilt at, Chris: wineprices in upmarket restaurants. The markup in most establishments are between 150 and 250% of the retail price. Please note: retail, not wholesale. This makes the price you paid at Edgar’s restaurant seem reasonable- considering that restaurants on winefarms are run as independent businesses, and not as part of the farms portfolio.

    Is this fair?
    I think not, but most restaurateurs would beg to differ. They claim that they need to make profit somewhere to make up for the shortfall on many menu items which would be seen as prohibitively expensive. And this is the norm, even in Europe. You may be able to get a drinkable caraffe of housewine for below 12 Euro’s in any restaurant in France, but once you start ordering bottles of wine, the good stuff starts at 35Euro’s, if you’re lucky.

  3. Dear Sandy

    Thank you for your gracious acceptance of my feedback in the review. We ate at Buitenverwachting on 16 October, just before the new winelist was introduced. Did the prices come down?

    The cappuccino did not taste any more special than any other I have drunk, so does not have value at R26. Nothing was said about it being a special make of coffee.


  4. Dear “Joe”

    I note that you have just joined Twitter – welcome! I look forward to following you!

    Much has been written about wine prices in restaurants. The Buitenverwachting restaurant is not “independent” – it belongs to the estate.


  5. Joe says:

    You haven’t responded to my statement that the restaurant’s wineprices are on par with most other upmarket restaurants, even those on Wine Estates.I think it is pretty much in the same league as La Colombe, Delaire-Graff, Rust en vrede, Jardine’s at Jordan, and most likely the new venture at Tokara.

    I doubt if this is fair to the customer, though.

    Next time, try the Buitenverwachting 1769 Natural Sweet, with some foie gras if it is on the menu. It will certainly leave you in better cheer.

  6. Nick Jones says:

    We always enjoy the fabulous picnic at Buitenverwachting, for both the food, wine & setting. However, on our last visit in January the wine tasting was a great disappointment. The 2 youngsters behind the counter both had a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude.

    As previously stated, the 300%+ mark up on wines is common place here in the UK. We just have to put up with it or eat at home.

  7. Thanks for your feedback Nick. I almost think that the two chaps you saw were the same ones I saw, many months later. It is a shame, as the Buitenverwachting brand name is so strong and has such a wonderful heritage.


  8. Dear “Joe”

    I am in excellent cheer – I have just returned from the Heavychefs blogging workshop, and met Seth Rotherham of 2Oceansvibe, and received a most crushing hug from him! It has taken two years to achieve this goal.

    You are asking me to answer a question about wine prices as if I am a restaurateur. I am a restaurant consumer, and I can only compare what I would pay for the same brand in different restaurants.


  9. Nick says:

    Why the “Joe”?

  10. Vic says:

    Strangely enough their corkage is listed at only R25.

    You think they are expensive? Had lunch at the Cellars Conservatry yesterday. Food was good but not inexpensive, service indifferent and cappucinnos too hot (and therefore ruined). Phoned the F and B guy with my commenst and he promised to get back to me today. Well today is alomst finished as far as I am concerned.

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