Restaurant Review: Doubleshot coffee shop offers double service in Plett!

Doubleshot in Plettenberg Bay is a cosy friendly coffee shop with a range of freshly baked sweet and savoury treats, and excellent coffee. It is worth giving this establishment a shot, the best breakfast venue on our Garden Route trip two weeks ago. 

The location of Doubleshot is not ideal, and if one does not know it, and is not a Checkers shopper, one will not find it, as it is not visible from the main road. It has outside tables, and a few inside, and it is clear that it is a meeting place for locals and regulars. 

Restaurant Review: Doubleshot Coffee Bar in Plett is a double shot of fresh food and service!

On my travels to Plettenberg Bay, when I owned a guest house there, I had the luck of finding it, then owned by two German sisters, followed by three local Plett sisters. Now it is owned by Lisa Korver, a vivacious host formerly from Cape Town, who knew me only from being a Facebook Friend, when we arrived on our first breakfast morning. She did not recognise me immediately, but when I started taking notes and asking questions, she knew immediately. I heard her offer a Bircher’s Müsli to a birthday girl in the coffee shop, and when she declined, I offered to have it, made with oats and hazelnuts, and topped with a mix of fruit and blueberries. It was delicious, a healthy breakfast treat, which was accompanied by a perfectly made dry cappuccino made with Hazz coffee beans.

On our last day in Plett I went back for my wake-up cappuccino and succumbed to a slice of orange and lemon chiffon cake, of which I was sure I could only eat part of, but it was so light and delicious that I ate it all, a rare treat. 

What I loved about Doubleshot is that Lisa was in the coffee shop on our first visit, and partly on the second visit, and visited each table, to check the satisfaction of her clients. She obviously knows each customer’s favorite, and offers it to them when they arrive.

Lisa does all the baking herself, and her prices are reasonable. Plain scones are R35, cheese scones R40, mini carrot cake costs R43, and lemon slices R38.

Doubleshot is the best breakfast spot for a coffee shot and treat in Plett.

Doubleshot Plett, The Square Shopping Centre, High Street, Checkers Centre, Plettenberg Bay. Tel (044) 533-0842. Monday – Saturday 7h30 – 14h00. 

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