S A Tourism Sweet and HBR Human Resources Sour Service Award

The third Sweet Service Award goes to S A Tourism, and Its CEO Moeketsi Mosola specifically, for taking a  brave stand against FIFA accommodation and ticketing agency MATCH on behalf of the local accommodation industry, by resigning from the MATCH Advisory Board.   Mosola expressed his dissatisfaction with the “bullying tactics” that MATCH is using to set unrealistic accommodation rates for 2010, and to pressurise establishments to sign up.    

The third Sour Service Award goes to HBR Human Resources, for supplying a fraudulent CV for a candidate, who had been fired by her previous employer but did not state this in the CV, and inflated the income of the candidate by 55% above her last salary.  When the candidate was confronted with the information,  she blamed HBR for the deceit, saying that she had been advised to be deceitful so that she could get the job, and so that the agency could earn its commission.   When the unethical action of the HBR staff member was revealed, Tracey Hibbert, its Operations Manager, called to beg for forgiveness, saying that disciplinary action would be taken against her employee.  She said that she would not charge for the placement fee as an apology, and would find a replacement for the candidate.    When the candidate left after a month,  Ms Hibbert was contacted, and her offer taken up for a replacement.  In the two months to date, the agency sent only two CV’s for the replacement, one candidate deciding to stay with her current employer, and the other accepting a position before she could be invited for an interview.     As a replacement was urgently required, Ms Hibbert was contacted again.  Her response was that there are no suitable candidates available now as it is the busy season, and if she had to search for a suitable replacement, she would have to charge, which was contrary to her initial promise.   HBR Human Resources has breached the Codes of Conduct of APSO and of FEDHASA Cape, the logos of both associations featuring prominently on its website.   In its response, the company has admitted its staff member’s unprofessional conduct, and has offered to find a replacement within the next four months after all!


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