On 30 June judgement was passed in the High Court (Western Cape Division), in an intermediate interdict brought before it by the South African Butler Academy against ourselves. The matter related to a Blogpost I wrote and posted on 27 February 2013.

The SA Butler Academy grossly misleads its students and hospitality industry clients!

The above Blogpost was written in response to a disparaging Blogpost posted on the SA Butler Academy website. For three years my and their blogposts were on our respective websites. Last year the SA Butler Academy contacted me, requesting that I remove my Blogpost from my Blog, with an offer that they would remove their disparaging blogpost. I decided to not grant their request, as integrity in what I write is more important than the cost of a threatened court case. The SA Butler Academy did remove its blogpost, and then instituted court proceedings against me, at two levels: an intermediate interdict for the removal of my Blogpost; and a damages claim of R500000. 

The interim interdict case for the removal of the blogpost, justified on the basis of the loss of business it was causing the SA Butler Academy, was heard before Judge Henney on 13 June. Judge Henney presented his judgement on 30 June, refusing the application of the SA Butler Academy as follows: 

CLICK to view Full Judgement in .pdf Format

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