SAA cancels Abu Dhabi route!

imageSAA has announced that it has cancelled its route to Abu Dhabi, in less than a year of its launch. The cancellation follows the cancellation of the contract with SAA Head of Commercial Sylvain Bosc, based on allegations of misrepresentation with regard to the route.

Originally launched after the cancellation of the loss-making SAA Mumbai and Beijing routes, to ensure maintained connections to BRICS countries China and India via a code-share agreement with Etihad Airways to Abu Dhabi, the route had been touted as a means of returning SAA to profitability.

The Hawks had investigated the ‘irregular’ closure of SAA routes to China, India, and Senegal, as well as ‘illegal activities, includes “alleged theft, fraud and corruption involving contracts, agreements, tenders, procurement’.

SAA says that the code-sharing agreement with Etihad Airways remains, ensuring the continued link to Mumbai.

Source:  Moneyweb

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