I was impressed with the delivery of the beautifully packaged 50th issue of SARIE KOS, with new Food Editor Herman Lensing at the helm. The issue is dedicated to Autumn, and is jam-packed with recipes.

Herman has been a member of Sarie’s editorial team since 2009, and admits in his editorial that he was still a child then. The call from Sarie editor Michélle van Breda changed his life, he writes. He describes himself as being what he cooks. His dream is to make food and to share food stories. He is proudly South African in his food passion. Herman has taken over the role of KOS Food Editor from Barbara Joubert. 

Sarie KOS 50th issue features a cookbook page; a feature on traditional foods, including koesisters, baking Ouma’s bread, cooking with tequila and prickly pears, and a lentil and chorizo soup. Nice-based Michelin-Star JAN restaurant Head Chef Kevin Grobler is profiled, and different ‘antique grains‘ are described, and recipes are
provided for their usage. A number of Fritatta recipes are shared. A ‘Karoo-brekfis‘ Menu is offered, with recipes. Gnocchi as made by the Italian cousins owning Cousins restaurant in Cape Town is profiled, and recipes provided. Ideas are presented for sharing time and money in the kitchen. Pumpkin recipes conclude the issue. 

A glossary of food terms used in the issue is translated ‘for our English readers’. 

Sarie KOS, 50th issue, Autumn 2017. R45 Tel (021) 406-2121 www.sarie.com Twitter: @SARIETydskrif Instagram @sarietydskrif

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