Standard Bank Sweet Service Award; ABSA Sour Service Award!

The Sweet Service Award goes to Standard Bank Gardens Centre and its Enquiries assistant Samantha. After spending 90 minutes subjected to ABSA’s incompetence in trying to close my account and credit card, having moved to Standard Bank, Samantha quickly and efficiently helped me load the credit card payment beneficiary and guided my payment of the outstanding ABSA card balance at the ATM outside the branch, taking no more than 5 minutes.


The Sour Service Award goes to ABSA Gardens Centre, and its Service Consultant Tasniem, for its bureaucratic and drawn out 90 minute process of closing my Business account with the bank, having changed to Standard Bank some months ago. I was told that I needed to get permission to cancel my overdraft from my Business Banker (I have no such person), so Olivia in Head Office was called to process this. It took her half an hour to generate the one and a bit page form which required my signature. This approval would take eight business hours I was told, and then only could the account be closed, necessitating a further visit to the bank once it informed me of the successful overdraft cancellation, despite having paid off all monies owing! This dreadful experience reinforced my decision to move to Standard Bank. A week later, yesterday, I called my supposed ‘Business Banker’, after a kind Customer Service Consultant Shanaaz Cupido at the Franschhoek branch had contacted her the day before, to request the confirmation of the cancellation of my overdraft. Chanel Powys had promised to check the paperwork, the application having been signed a week ago.  Chanel was not in yesterday, having to attend to a ‘family emergency’. I spoke to a Tracy who answered the phone in her stead, and she knew nothing, and had to investigate my overdraft cancellation! What a bunch of buffoons! I was called back within an hour by the Olivia of a week ago, and it appears that Tasniem returned my overdraft application form to the incorrect Olivia at ABSA. It will now take another seven working days to process my one page overdraft cancellation application! Unbelievable! Olivia has promised that I will not be charged any additional bank charges as a result of the bank’s incompetence! Boy, I am delighted that I have switched to Standard Bank. My credit card has however successfully been closed and cancelled! 

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